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Wish I Was Caving
Custom caver design by nationally distributed graphic designers working in cooperation with Speleobooks. 100% cotton pre-shrunk tee. Back design with left chest detail on front. Choose "Prairie Dust" or "Indigo". Adult sizes Small to XXL (XX+$2). $16.00

2012 Bat Word Shirt
A popular style updated in consultation with BCI in honor of the year of the bat. The shirt that says so much about night-flying mammals. On a pistachio colored, 100% cotton Gildan pre-shrunk tee. Adult sizes Small to Extra Large. $16.00

Newest and Featured Books
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Cave Life of Oklahoma and Arkansas
Exploration and Conservation of Subterranean Biodiversity
A comprehensive checklist of the region’s cave fauna, complete with descriptions of these rare animals’ distribution and ecological niches. The cast of characters ranges from familiar and charismatic species, such as cave crayfish and gray bats, to rare and bizarre fauna, such as blind salamanders and cave dung beetles. More than 175 full-color illustrations include stunning, never-before-seen photographs (from the cameras of Dave Bunnel, Tim Ernst, and Danté B. Fenolio, among others) of cave animals—even some newly discovered species. The authors also address conservation of subterranean biodiversity, discussing not only threats to cave life such as invasive species, resource extraction, and habitat loss, but also current methods of preservation and protection, including legislation, land acquisition, people management, and cave gates. The book’s appendices provide a comprehensive cave bibliography and checklists of subterranean animals for each cave. By G. O. Graening, Dante B. Fenolio, Michael E. Slay. 248 pp., hb. $59.95

A Guide to Caves and Karst of Indiana
A compact and comprehensive field guide with overview of the state's wild caves including descriptions of individual caves and karst features that are such a prominent part of the Indiana landscape. By Samuel S. Frushour in conjunction with the Indiana Geological Survey,with a contribution by Julian J. Lewis and Salisa L. Lewis. pb,152 pages, 45 color illus., 15 b&w illus. $22.00

Encyclopedia Of Caves, Second Edition
Presents 128 separate articles on the entire range of speleological study: Types of Caves, Cave features, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Speleothems and other cave deposits, Cave ages and paleoclimate, Exceptional caves, Biology of particular organisms in caves, Ecology, Cave invasion, Biogeography and Diversity, Evolution and Adaptation in Caves, Exploration of Caves, Contemporary use of caves, Historical use of caves, and Ground water contamination and land use hazards in cave regions. 2012. Edited by William B. White and David C. Culver. 966 pages, hb, $104.00

Volume 4: Legislation and Public Education
A comprehensive work intended for anyone maintaining captive bats, Bats in Captivity is the only multi-volume series of its kind, detailing the captive care of bats worldwide. This volume comprises 25 papers by 37 contributing authors. It contains information on the legal aspects of maintaining and shipping bats, plus papers on developing traveling trunks and loan boxes, the use of ultrasonic mobility devices in education programs, conditioning and training bats for public demonstration, their use in outreach programs, and exhibiting bats in zoological institutions. In addition, there is comprehensive information on excluding bats from man-made structures, as well as how bat houses and artificial roosts are constructed and used. Susan M. Barnard, Editor. 332 Pages. Perfect Bound, $59.95 Hard Cover, $79.95

Home In the Cave
Baby Bat loves his cave home and never wants to leave it. While practicing flapping his wings one night, he falls, and Pluribus Packrat rescues him. They then explore the deepest, darkest corners of the cave where they meet amazing animals...animals that don't need eyes to see or colors to hide from enemies. Baby Bat learns how important bats are to the cave habitat and how other cave-living critters rely on them for their food. Will Baby Bat finally venture out of the cave to help the other animals? Written by Janet Halfmann Illustrated by Shennen Bersani 32 pg, ages 4-9. HB $17.95, SB $9.95

Bats of the United States and Canada
A comprehensive, current fact-filled and easy to use book full of stunning photographs. 204 pp., sb. 2011. By Harvey, Altenbach and Best. $22.00

BHB #43 Karst and Caves of South Vietnam, Part 1: Provinces of Kien Giang, An Giang and Da Nang. Geological and geographical settings, exploration history, cave descriptions including biological overviews based on faunal collections with photographs & species ID. 66pp plus maps and color photo inserts. $22.00

The Bat Scientists (Scientists in the Field)
Dr. Merlin Tuttle and his colleagues at Bat Conservation International at work. Bats fly the night skies in nearly every part of the world, but they are the least studied of all mammals. As the major predator of night-flying insects, bats eat many pests. Unfortunately bats are facing many problems, including a terrifying new disease. White-nose Syndrome is infecting and killing millions of hibernating bats in North America. But Dr. Tuttle, with the help of his fellow bat scientists are in the trenches--and caves--on the front line of the fight to save their beloved bats. For ages 10+. By Mary Kay Carson with photographs by Tom Uhlman. Hb, 80pp. $18.99

Bats at the Ball Game
The third in a great series of kids books. The bat vendors sell Mothdogs. They sing "Hang me up in the rafters, Hang me up by the toes, buy me some beenuts and Cricket Jack". By Brian Leis. Age 3 up, 2010, 32pp, hb. $16.99

Little Red Bat
The life of a red bat dealing with seasonal changes. Fictionalized, by Carole Gerber, facts and general information at the end of the story. Ages 4-8, 32pp, pb. $8.95

Resources on the Speleology of Meghalaya State, India. Part 3: West Khasi Hills.
164 karst sites and caves are presented in detail, the longest of which is Morasora Rongkol (Bagli District) at 5,829 m. As most of the known caves are still unsurveyed this compilation is an invaluable source for future speleological documentation in the West Khasi Hills. 120 pp., colour photo tables, many surveys and colour maps; Berlin 2011. $22.00

Characteristics Of Percolation Through The Karst Vadose Zone
The study of the vadose zone has been based on 35 years research of underground water circulation and the transfer of contaminants in karst and on continuous long-term measurements and analyses of precipitation on the surface and of several representative trickles in the vadose zone of Postojna Cave over consecutive hydrological years and it offers an explanation of the dynamics of the percolation of water and simultaneous transfer of contaminants and their impact on the dissolution of carbonate rock in the vadose zone. Emphasis is placed on a multi-parameter approach based on the simultaneous use of a number of different methods, not only tracing natural tracers but also tests with artificial tracers using different methods of injection. The research contributes to the understanding of the role of the vadose zone in the karst aquifer. In English. By Kogovsek. 168 pp., sb. $38.00

South China Karst II
Slovene and Chinese karstologists join studies from the chosen parts of diverse Yunnan karst, from topical cone karst on south and stone forest on center to mountain karst and high plateau karst of Tibet in the north. Presented are results of research in the karst on stone forests and other types of karst surfaces, soil erosion, the formation of tufa, vegetation, the development, age and sediment of karst caves, karst waters, epikarst fauna and the protection of the natural heritage. 2011. In English. Ed. by Knez, Liu, & Slabe. 237 pp., hb. $72.00

Dynamics Of Underground Water In The Karst Catchment Area Of The Ljubljanica Springs
Dinamika podzemne vode v kraskem zaledju izvirov Ljubljanice

The book is based on a several years long record of water levels and temperatures in caves between Planinsko polje and the springs of Ljubljanica. Correlation between the data, the discharge of the Unica river and the meteorological data gave new insights into the groundwater dynamics in relation to the recharge events as well as into the hydrological role of Planinsko polje. The work clearly demonstrates caves as important observation points in karst hydrology. 2010 In English & Slovenian. By Turk. 138 pp., sb. $30.00

Aspects of the History of Slovene Karst
Aspects of the history of Slovene caves and karst - myth, music, museum, and misuse, as well as exploration, publicity and tourism. A wide scope of related subjects covered. Many color photos and illustrations. By Shaw. 2010, 306 pp., sb. $38.00

2012 Speleo Projects Caving Calendar
A selection of wild and tourist caves from around the world. Monthly large format pages provide a glimpse into the caves of China, France, Germany, Morocco, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela. $15.95

Lew Bicking: A Legendary American Cave Explorer
First hand accounts of one the early systematic U.S. cave explorers are gathered in this fascinating compilation by author David Hughes. Published by The National Speleological Society which annually gives its top exploration award in his memory. 324pp, hb. $33.00

From Forests to Deserts; A Journey in the Caves of Mexico
A beautiful book from the La Venta Geographical Association, 2009, hb,155pp, fully illustrated, $40.00

Crystal Giants in the caves of Naica
A report on the Cueva de los Cristales near the small mining town in the northern Mexican state of Chichuahua. A forest of crystals, the biggest ones on the Planet. A cave with a temperature of 50 °C and 100% humidity; without protection, visitors can survive just a few minutes. 48pp, hb. 2008. Published by the La Venta project. $23.00

Caves Of Sky
A Journey In The Heart Of Glaciers

With this marvellously illustrated work, the La Venta glacial speleology exploration team shares with us the precious memory of more than 20 years of impassioned exploration of "caves of sky" all around the world. Extraordinary, evocative black and white illustrations. 2007. 156pp. $44.00 Sale $38.00

Entering The Stone
On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark
A non caving writer tries to fathom why we cavers do what we do. Along the way, she pursues introspection on death, fear, loathing and some other more upbeat topics with a writer's stab at philosophy as inspired by past and present reaction to caving experiences. Some not-bad descriptions of caves and cavers' motivations and experiences along the way. We at Speleobooks enjoyed the journey. 170pp. By Barbara Hurd. Pb. Sale $8.00

Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent into the World’s Most Treacherous Cave
The riveting story of the exploration of the sumps of Huautla by Bill Stone & Barb am Ende with Monte Paulson. Illus, 2002, hb, 352pp. $24.00 Sale Price $15.00

The Bats of Europe & North America
"Knowing them, Identifying them, Protecting them." An excellent general book on bats. Well illus. including face, ear and tail details. By Schober & Grimmberger, 239pp, 1997, hb. $29.50 Sale $15.00

Batty Ornaments
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Glass Clip-On Bat Ornament
Nicely detailed. Three dimensional, four inches. $12.00

Mola Bat Ornament
Varied, handmade ornaments. Specify "dark body" or "bright body". $12.00

Recycled Aluminum Bat Ornament
Four inch wingspan. $6.99 See More Ornaments

Items Under $10.00
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Bat Fan Pull
For a ceiling fan or anything with a chain control. $7.00

Wooden Laser Cut Bat Earrings
Choose pairs available in four vibrant colors, including two new colors for 2012: Turquoise, Redwood, Evening Blue or Pink. Stainless steel wires. $10.00

Little Bat Finger Puppet
A cute board book with a batty finger puppet in the middle. $6.99

Hitchers Bat Finger Puppet
8" wingspan. Velcro finger wrap on back. $5.00

Batty Mood Rings
Colors migrate according to "mood" (or skin temperature) of wearer. Give approximate ring size when ordering. $3.00 each

Ding Bat Desert Plate
Just the thing for custom cookie, pie and cake service. 8 inch plastic. $7.00

Wind Up Bat Toy
Pull backwards and watch it roll with flapping wings. Hours of entertainment, we suppose...and (as witnessed at NASBR where we sold a boatload of these) Pull back BAT RACES! $3.50

Bat Dice Game
Extensive bat facts sheet accompanies instructions. Each player rolls five dice to deterimine how many and what kind of insects are eaten each "hour" of the match. Winner has the biggest night out in ten "feeding" turns. $5.00

Avant Bat card or photo holder
Holds photos or business card in a 1.5" high 3" wide bat. $3.00 each

Micro Bats
Tiny phthalate and lead free bats, buy an entire colony. Bats sold indvidually @ 50 cents each.

Bat Balm
For lips and more. 8 ml. beeswax and petroleum jelly. Handy key ring fastener on dispenser. $4.00

Shirts, Socks, Sarongs & Ties
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Cavers Vision T-Shirt
Spectacular, realistic full color art by Jerry Wallace on a black 100% cotton pre-shrunk high quality t-shirt by Wild Cotton Design in adult sizes. Large screen printed image on front. Durable, soft waterbased inks, comfortable and environment friendly. This is our "best ever" cave life shirt, now exclusively from Speleobooks.
Adult Sizes Small through XXL $16.00 Sale: Only $11.00
Youth Sizes S, M, L $12.00 Sale: Only $8.00

Sonar-ly Shirt for Toddlers
A funny, pun-y bat hangs out on a brightly colored 100% cotton t-shirt for toddlers. Glows in the dark. Choose size 2T, 3T, or 4T. $12.00

Foil Bats Youth Shirt
A vivid flight of foil bats fill the night sky. Youth Sizes. 100% cotton T-shirt. Choose Youth 2/4 (XS), 6/8 (S), or 10/12 (M). $14.00

I Love Bats Infant Attire
Just add infant to complete the picture. Choose "girl" or "boy" style from the following:
Bib $12.00
Toddler T Shirt, sizes 2, 3, 4T $16.00
12 Month Romper $16.00

B is for Bat Infant Tee
On 100% cotton. Glows in the dark. Cactus color. Sizes 6, 12, 18 months or 2T. $12.00

Japanese Toe Socks
Soft lightweight cotton split toe socks imported from Japan. Decorated with a stylized bats in flight design. Two colors; choose tan and a subtle pink on order. One size only (womans) $10.00

Moonlight Bats Tie
Let your bats fly on this classy tie. 100% microfiber. $24.00

Purple Bats, Purple Bats Tie
We only want to see you laughing in your purple bats. 100% microfiber. $24.00
Advice From A Cave Adult T-Shirt
Get in touch with your inner caver self. On forest green, 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Small through XL $16.00. XXL $17.00 Long Sleeve Sweatshirt: $25.00
"Advice from a Cave" cap $16.00

"Planet Bat" Shirt
A global perspective on an important issue. Adult M through XXL $16.00

Peace, Love and Bats
Tie died T-shirt.
Adult S, L, XL. $18.00, XXL $20.00
Youth S, M, L $15.00

Bats of North America T-Shirt
Includes these bats in accurate drawings: Pallid, Little Brown, Hoary, Townsend Big Eared, Grey, Red, Spotted , Eastern Pipistrelle, Lesser Long-Nosed, Mexican Long-Tongued, and Brazilian Free-Tailed. In adult sizes on a sand colored shirt.. Large design on front.
Adult sizes S, M, L or XL $16.00

Youth Size Large only. $12.00

Bat Sarong
Available again in Black or Medium Blue (new color). Classic batik on rayon. Imported from Indonesia. 44” by 66”. Specify color choice on order form. $25.00

Glowing Bats Socks
A fun design available in standard woman's size only. 70% acrylic, 25% polyester and 5% spandex. $5.00

A speleobooks exclusive, 42 % acrylic, 33% wool.  Great for caving.  Calf high. Sock size 9-11 (womans), Sock size 10-13 ( mens) . $12.00

Gifts for the Home or Office
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Hand Crafted Bat Kitchen Clock
Made in the USA by a northeast regional artist specializing in fanciful sculptures/clocks made from common items. $110.00

Arpilleras Eyeglass Case
A beautifully hand crafted eyeglass case from the mountains of Peru. Depicts a farm scene with cows, a house, caves and bats with mountains in the distance.$22.00

Caves & Bats "Holiday Stocking" Arpilleras
Fabric art from Peru, with a peaceful valley night scene depicting a cave in the hillside with an overflight of bats. 12 inches tall. $36.00

BAT PLACE Street Sign
Green and white street sign, 4" x 24", weather resistant metal. $14.00

Garden Moon & Bats Weather Vane
Mounts in the ground. 18" cast bats & moon mounted above cast cardinal compass points. A durable garden or yard sculpture. Also available as a roof mountable unit. Specify when ordering. $59.00 ($12.00 shipping for this item)

Balance Bats Moving Sculpture
A fantastic sculpture with flying bats perched on a stand. Good for indoors or out. 23" high with a wing span of 14". $59.00 ($10.00 shipping for this item)

Bat Jewelry Gift Suggestions
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Dichroic Glass Bats
Available as a 4.5 inch figure (shown) or a 2.25 inch pendant. Reddish brown or silver/blue in color in either style. Be sure to choose color and style on order. Figures $38.00 and pendants $28.00

Kit Carson Signed Art Nouveau Bat Pin
Sterling silver. 2 1/2 inches. $90.00

Kit Carson Signed Art Nouveau Bat Earrings
Sterling silver. 3/4 inch bats $37.00 or 1 1/8 inch bats $45.00

Kit Carson Signed Art Nouveau Bat Necklace.
20 inch chain. Sterling silver. 2 1/2 inch bat. $154.00

Carved Tagua Bat Pendant
Hand carved in Panama from a local nut. Purchased directly from the artists cooperative. All natural, local dyes and beads. Every one is a unique work of fine art carving, signed by artist. Limited. $55.00

Beautiful Hand Crafted Jewelry
All in sterling silver:

Sleepy Silver Bat Pendant $30.00

Sleepy Silver Bat Earrings $54.00

Awesome Flying Bat $42.00

Multi Bat Necklace $72.00

Flying Bat Charm $22.00

Bat in Flight Earrings $42.00

Trio of Bats Necklace $72.00

Abalone Jewelry
Set in rhodium. (looks like silver but does not tarnish!) Available in a bracelet, pendant and earrings. All come boxed and ready to give as a gift. Earrings $15.99, Pendant $15.99, Bracelet $15.99

Bat and Moon pendant Three layers of cloisonne enamel show off this bat against a moon. The pendant matches Bamboo's Bat in the Moon Light earrings and pin. The chain is adustable 16" to 20" in Sterling silver. $38.00

Earrings $42.00

Pin $48.00

Cave & Bats On A Budget
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Handcrafted Wooden Inlay Cave and Bat Scene Keepsake Box
Size Small, 1 by 1 1/2 by 2 inches. $15.99 Sale $12.00

Long-nosed Bat
With 18 inch cloth wings. $12.00
Sale $7.00

Colorado Caves: Hidden Worlds Beneath The Peaks Price Reduced
A fantastic picture book with photos by David Harris. Includes discovery, exploration, history, scientific study, commercial development. conservation, and more. By longtime Colorado caver Richard Rhinehart. 144pp, pb. $24.95 ONLY $7.50

Dark Life
Martian Nanobacteria, Rock-eating Bugs, and other Extreme Organisms of Inner Earth and Outer Space

An amazing look at the unseen in caves and elsewhere. A really good read by Michael Ray Taylor, hb, 287pp, 1999, Originally $20.00, Now only $12.00

Free Gifts With Every Order
You will receive as many as 3 of these popular items with your order at no additional charge! (Details and selection on order page.)

Gift Options: 1) Pewter Bat Pendant on a cord with a colored bead. Bat is aprox. 1.25 " wingspan. 2) Caver Float Pen, "Crawl 'Till You Bawl. 3) Magnetic shopping list pad with 50 pages. Topped with art by Fiona Reid. 4) Sticker set, Speleobooks three favorite sticker; I love Bats, I'm Batty about Bats and Bat Protection Squad. All produced for outdoor use.5) Frankie the Free-tailed Bat by Nyta Hensley and Patricia Morton. 34 pages in English then flip it over for the same story in Spanish. 6) 2 Vertical Caver Stickers.

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