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Mola Bat Ornament
Varied, handmade ornaments. Specify "dark body" or "bright body". $12.00

Caves & Bats "Holiday Stocking" Arpilleras
Fabric art from Peru, with a peaceful valley night scene depicting a cave in the hillside with an overflight of bats. 12 inches tall. $36.00

Peruvian Carved Gourd Bat Ornaments
Traditional designs on a holiday ornament. New style has dark bats on light background. $12.00

Felt Bat Ornament
Recycled Aluminum Bat Ornament
Four inch wingspan. $6.99

Glitter Bat Ornament. Five inches. $2.00

Groovy Holiday Felt Heart Bat Ornaments
Heart shaped. (shown with first style as well) $4.00

Brushkins Bats
Holiday ornament made from Buri Palm tree. 5” wingspan. $4.00 each

Wufu Bat Ornament
In two sizes:
Three inches $6.00
Four inches $8.00

Tin Cookie Cutters
To use or hang w/ribbon. Outline of a bat. 4" size@ $2.00 , 2 1/2" size@ $2.00 each

Extra Large Size. Makes a really big cookie! $4.00