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Speleological Projects 2007 and 2008 to Gabon (Central Africa) - Expéditions Spéléologiques 2007 et 2008 au Gabon (Afrique Centrale).
BHB volume 36. Trevor Frost & Olivier Testa (eds.): 68 pp., colour photo tables, many maps and surveys; Berlin 2009. This volume covers two expeditions to southern Gabon: a French trip to the Tchibanga area in 2007 as well as a US-German expedition to Lébamba in 2008. 6.5 km of cave passages were explored in 27 caves, including the new longest cave of Gabon - the Mbenaltembe Cave System at 2,380 m of length. Includes much more information on unexplored caves in Gabon. $22.00

Tsingy Stone Forest--Madagascar
Highlights the alien limestone formations of Madagascar shown through the lenses of Oliver Grunewald and David Wolozan. Full of vivid and extreme photography. Won a special award as one of the most significant speleo publication since 2005 at the ICS. David Wolozan, 2006, 190 pages, HB. $66.00

Atlas of the Great Caves and the Karst of Africa. 2nd edition.
464 pages, zillions of cave descriptions, cave surveys and maps; Berlin 2008. The “Yellow Pages” of caving in Africa. Each country is presented in detail including 3 maps (topography, geology and karst occurrences) as well as a description of the geological settings, the history of speleological exploration, a detailed list of the longest and deepest caves (incl. surveys), a list of useful addresses and an in-depth bibliography.Vol. 28 covers: Introduction & Algeria – Guinea (154 p.).Vol. 29 covers: Guinea-Bissau – Namibia (158 p.).Vol. 30 covers: Niger - Zimbabwe & General References (152 p.).In English language. With a German and French abstract in vol. 28. $22.00 each volume. (Specify the set if you want all 3, price $66.00)

The Caves of Rwanda 2nd Edition
BHB #23. A replacement and update of Volumes 11 and 15. 2007. pb, 134pp plus 45 pages of maps and appendixes. $22.00

Soqotra Karst Project (Yemen), 2000 -2004
A summary of the SKP - an ongoing speleological investigation focused on the island of Soqotra. A total of 28 caves mapped and studied. Foldout maps included. # 20 in the BHB series. Peter De Geest editor. 70 pages, english, 2006. $22.00

Madagascar 1991/92 and 2003 (Bemaraha, Namoroka and Narinda)
#13 in the international caves series by Berliner Hohlenkundliche. 72 pages, English, 2004. $22.00

Tanzania 1994 - 2000
Report on the speleological projects in the Matumbi Hills (Kilwa District), Tanga and Zanzibar. - 67 pp, many b&w-photos and surveys, 4 appendices; Berlin 2001. This monograph gives a full report of the only international caving expeditions (in 1994, 1995 and 2000) that were conducted in Tanzania, which have revealed significant caves - e.g. the Nandembo Cave System at 7.510 m the 15th longest cave of Africa. Overall 21 km of mapped passages from 33 caves. In English language with a German and French abstract. Michael Laumanns.Volume 1 of Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte. $22.00

Mozambique 1998
Report on the European speleological project "Cheringoma 1998" / Relatório projecto espeleologico Europeu "Cheringoma 1998". - 85 pp, color photo tables and many surveys, 7 appendices; Berlin 2001. Report on the first caving expedition ever to this East African country. Detailled description of the caves in the Cheringoma plateau NW of the port of Beira. 3,5 km of mapped passages in 32 caves. In English and Portuguese language with an Italian, French and German abstract. Michael Laumanns.Volume 2 of Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte. $22.00

Mozambique 1999
Report on the speleological project "Rio Buzi". - 43 pp, color photo tables and many surveys; Berlin 2001. Full report on the second speleological expedition of Portuguese and German cavers to Mozambique. 63 caves with overall 5,4 km of mapped passages from the Rio Buzi region west of the port of Beira are described in detail. In English language with a German and French abstract. Michael Laumanns.Volume 3 of Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte.$22.00

Great Britain
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Wookey Hole
75 Years of Cave Diving & Exploration

tell the stories of the Wookey Hole Divers, first hand, from the 1935 expedition led by Graham Balcombe using hard-hat diving gear to the present day work by modern cave divers using innovative mixed-gas rebreathers to dive deeper and further under the Mendip Hills. profusely illustrated in colour and black & white, with many never before seen photographs. Edited by Jim Hanwell, Duncan Price and Richard Witcombe. 386pp. HB. $62.00

Caves of County Clare and South Galway
A comprehensive guide to the region which contains descriptions of all known caves with modern explanations of why the caves are there. Edited by Graham Mullan. 2004, 259pp. sb with plastic cover. $38.00

Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of Upper Wharfedale
BCRA Cave Studies Series # 13. A walking, cycling and motoring guide. Phillip Murphy. 48 pp. pb. 2003. $8.00

Swildon's 2 & 3, Medip England: Its Exploration 1900 to 1939
BCRA Studies Series #14, 2004. By Dave Irwin, 47pp, pb, illus. $8.00

Darkworld; The Secrets of Llangattock Mountain
The history of the exporation of one mountain area and the caves it holds. This includes a 42 mile system. Text and most photos by Martin Farr. Color photos on almost every page, maps, 125pp, 1997, pb. $24.00

Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Burren and the Gort Lowlands;A guide for walkers, cyclists & motorists
This area is among the most extraordinary landscapes in Ireland. Gives excursions with explanations of common features and highlights of the area. By Mike Simms, 2001, pb, 64pp. $14.00

The Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan
Irish caving at its best. Color pictures, maps, surveys, rigging. By Jones et al, 120pp, hb, 1997, $29.00

Walks Around the Caves & Karst of the Mendip Hills
BCRA Cave Studies guide #8. Includes maps & photos, By A. Farrant, 1999, 40pp, pb. $8.00

Caves and Karst Of The Brecon Beacons
BCRA Cave Studies Guide #7. Excursion guidebook to the karst and some caves by Simms. 32pp, 1998, pb. $8.00

Caves & Karst Of The Yorkshire Dales
BCRA cave studies #1, by Waltham & Davies 32pp, 1987, pb. $8.00

Caves & Karst Of The Peak District
BCRA cave studies #3, By Trevor Ford & John Gunn, 32pp, 1992, pb. $8.00

St Cuthbert's Swallet
History & survey of a great cave! Compiled by D.J.lrwin, 1991, 82pp and maps, pb. $18.00

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Heaven Below Earth
A collection of photographs, with text in English, taken while descending into, discovering, or documenting dozens of cave systems throughout the world. The book includes photographs from underground as well as from above ground, taken in the last decade mostly during the author’s caving expeditions. By Zdenek Motycka, 2005, 120pp. ICS special: $38.00 Only $28.00

Caves of Sky
A Journey In The Heart Of Glaciers

With this marvellously illustrated work, the La Venta glacial speleology exploration team shares with us the precious memory of more than 20 years of impassioned exploration of "caves of sky" all around the world. Extraordinary, evocative black and white illustrations. 2007. 156pp. $44.00 Sale $38.00

Speleology Around The World
Formerly a quarterly magazine, now back as an annual report. Extensive maps and reports on 1999 expeditions to Austria, Spain, Madagascar, Guatamal and much more. Color pictures. 86pp. Soft plastic sleeve binding. $25.00

Atlas Of The Great Caves Of The World
An update of Courbon and Chabert's atlas. Translated & revised by Peter Bosted. Great maps & information. 369pp, 1989, pb. $22.00

China, Middle East, India
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Resources on the Speleology of Meghalaya State, India. Part 3: West Khasi Hills.
164 karst sites and caves are presented in detail, the longest of which is Morasora Rongkol (Bagli District) at 5,829 m. As most of the known caves are still unsurveyed this compilation is an invaluable source for future speleological documentation in the West Khasi Hills. 120 pp., colour photo tables, many surveys and colour maps; Berlin 2011. $22.00

Resources on the Speleology of Meghalaya State, India. Part 2: Garo Hills.
BHB volume 35. Herbert Daniel Gebauer: 132 pp., colour photo tables, numerous maps and surveys; Berlin 2009. The first regional monograph on one of the world’s most exciting caving areas in northeast India. 124 caves are presented in detail. Over 30 km of cave passages described with many open leads and unmapped galleries, even in major unexplored caves, the currently longest of which is Tetengkol (Nengkhong) at 5,681 m. An invaluable source for future speleological documentation in the Garo Hills. List of references covered by volume 33 of this series. $22.00

Resources on the Speleology of Meghalaya State India, Part 1: Overview.
#33 in the Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte series. $22.00

Resources on the Speleology of Madhya Pradesh State, India
BHB #27, 2008, 158pp. $22.00

Caves Of China: Tianxing 2001-2003
Edited by Erin Lynch and Duncan Collis. Published as Caves of China,series 2, volume 1, by the Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society, 2006, 36 pages plus map plate, softbound. $16.00

Resources on the Speleology of Himachal Pradesh (India)
Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte #21

Another of these wonderful expedition reports. This one is by Herbert Daniel Gebauer, 66pp, English, Pb. $22.00

Iran Cave Directory
Number 10 in the English language international caves series by Berliner Hohlenkundliche. First cave directory on Iran in English. 2003, 101pp, pb. $22.00

Ghar Katalehkhor Iran
Iranian-Swiss-German cave exploration & mapping project. Number 12 in the English language international caves series by Berliner Hohlenkundliche. 56pp., 2004. $22.00

Speleological Project Ghar Alisadr (Hamadan/Iran)
43 pp, many b&w-photos and surveys, appendices; Berlin 2001. In 2000/01 a German/British team explored Ghar Alisadr, which is the longest cave of Iran at 11.440 m. This volume gives a detailled description of Ghar Alisadr and adjacent caves. A chapter deals with the stand of speleology in Iran. In English language. M. Laumanns, S. Brooks, I. Dorsten, G. Kaufmann, M. Lopez-Correa & B. Köppen. Volume 4 of Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte. $22.00

Caves of Mizoram (speleological projects in NE-India)
40 pp, color photo tables, many maps and cave surveys; Berlin 2001. 61 cave locations from the most remote Union State of India near the Burmese border are presented in this report, which is based on two reconnaissance projects in 1999 and 2001. With detailled topographical and cave distribution maps in color. In English language. H. Daniel Gebauer, Betsy Chhakchhuak & Neil Sootinck. Volume 4 of Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte. $22.00

South China Caves
Report on the 1988 joint expedition between South China Normal University and CRF. Ed. by Bridgemon & Lindsley, 62pp, pb. $8.00

Guizhou Expe 86
The French Federation trip to China. Color photos, charts and maps, 108pp in French, 1988, pb. $29.00

Gebihe 89 Karsts De Chine
Great maps, illus., 232pp, 1991, pb, in French w/English conclusion. $34.00

Donghe 92; Karsts De Chine Centrale
The third in a series of Karstologia Memoirs on China. Many maps, illus, and color photos. In French and Chinese, 1995, 240pp, pb. $35.00

Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America
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From Forests to Deserts; A Journey in the Caves of Mexico
A beautiful book from the La Venta Geographical Association, 2009, hb,155pp, fully illustrated, $40.00

Huautla: Thirty Years In One Of The World's Deepest Caves The most popular new release at the ICS. C.William Steele takes the reader along on a journey in search of the bottom of a seemingly endless system. Plenty of Drama, Danger and Excitment along the way. 2009, HB, 269pp. $24.95

Read Ron Kerbo's review

Jamaica Underground: The Caves, Sinkholes and Underground Rivers of the Island
A classic, updated in 1997, By Alan G. Fincham, 447pp, color pictures, maps and fold outs, pb. $45.00

Crystal Giants in the caves of Naica
A report on the Cueva de los Cristales near the small mining town in the northern Mexican state of Chichuahua. A forest of crystals, the biggest ones on the Planet. A cave with a temperature of 50 °C and 100% humidity; without protection, visitors can survive just a few minutes. 48pp, hb. 2008. Published by the La Venta project. $23.00

Caves Of The Golondrinas Area
Full of maps, diagrams, photograpsh and cave description. Includes a Golondrinas area bibliography. By Peter Sprouse and Jerry Fant. AMCS Bulletin 10. 74pp, 2002. $15.00

Under the Desert:
The Mysterious Waters of Cuatro Ciénegas

This large-format book, heavily illustrated with color photographs, describes the Italian group's biological, geological, and speleological studies in Coahuila, a gypsum karst region with numerous spring pools. There are caves in the surrounding desert mountains. In English. Edited by Badino, et al La Venta 2004, 288 pp, hardbound, with CD and location map in pockets. $78.00

Cenotes of the Riviera Maya
A guide to sixty or so caves and their conote entrances of a spectacular and unusual area. Beautifully illustrated with photos and maps. Includes sections on access, safety and training. By Steve Gerard, 244pp, pb, 2000. $49.50

Rio La Venta: Treasure of Chiapas
A fantastic coffee table book covering ten year of exploration in an isolated area of Mexico by English, Mexican and Italian scientists and cavers. The studies covered archology, geology, geography, speleology, zoology and other aspects of the area. The book is packed with color photos and English text. A CD is included that allows you to take a virtual trip with the scientists and cavers through QuickTime animation, maps, statistics and music in a "VirtualGeo" multimedia presentation. A spectacular item printed on extra heavy paper. Worth every penny. Ed. by Badino et al, 1999, hb, 320pp. $90.00

Proyexto Cerro Rabon:1990-1994, Oaxaca, Mexico
A thorough and well written report with photos and maps. In four languages. 192pp, 1996, pb $36.00

Yochib: The River Cave
"An account of the exploration of the Sumidero Yochib of Mexico. A dangerous & difficult cave." By William Steele, 1985 164pp. pb. $11.00

West Pacific Region
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Atlas of the Great Caves and the Karst of Southeast Asia
BHB volume 40-41. Michael Laumanns & Liz Price (Editors). 344 pages, hundreds of cave descriptions, cave surveys and maps; Berlin 2010. The “Yellow Pages” of caving in SE Asia. Each country is presented in detail including topographic and karst occurrence maps as well as a description of the geological settings, the history of speleological exploration, a detailed list of the longest and deepest caves (incl. surveys), a list of useful addresses and an in-depth bibliography. Some countries also have maps showing the administrative divisions and other relevant thematic maps.Vol. 40 covers: Introduction & Brunei - Malaysia (174 p.).Vol. 41 covers: Myanmar – Vietnam (170 p.).In English language. With a German and French abstract. $44.00 set or $22.00 each.

Karst and Caves of Myanmar
BHB volume 39. 130 pp., colour maps, many surveys; Berlin 2010. Michael Laumanns (Editor). Everything on the caves and the karst of Burma. Descriptions of over 280 underground sites, including man-made underground temples. ALL available cave surveys, many of which are published for the first time. Has location maps, an in-depth bibliography as well as a synoptic list of caves according to provinces. The compilation also has chapters on cave archaeology, and biospeleology, including cave-dwelling bats. In English language with a German and French abstract. $22.00

International Speleological Project to Cambodia 2008 (Battambang area)
BHB volume 34. Michael Laumanns (ed.):
69 pages, many maps and cave surveys; Berlin 2009. This volume represents most comprehensive study of the karst and the caves of the Battambang (NW Cambodia) area so far. 65 registered caves. 42 cave maps. $22.00

International Speleological Project to Cambodia 2008 (Battambang area)
BHB volume 34. Michael Laumanns (ed.):
69 pages, many maps and cave surveys; Berlin 2009. This volume represents most comprehensive study of the karst and the caves of the Battambang (NW Cambodia) area so far. 65 registered caves. 42 cave maps. $22.00

Northern Vietnam 1993-2006
BHB #22, Belgian-Vietnamese speleological projects in provinces of Bac Kan, Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau and Son La. 2007, pb 212pp. $22.00

Caves of Northern Thailand
Over 100 caves with 900 color illus.  By Sidisunthrorn et al, 2006, 392pp, hb. $35.00

Caves and Karst of Wombeyan
A detailed list with maps, photos, old postcards and more including fauna and geology of the area. A must if you are planning a trip to Australia. Ed. by Ross Ellis, 2004., pb, 211pp. $65.00

A Wonderful Underground
A General book on caves and the caves of Korea by Kyung Sik Woo. Many color photos, in english. 2005. 230pp, pb. $30.00

Beneath the Cloud Forests
A History of Cave Exploration in Papua New Guinea

if you liked the National Geographic article, Caving in Papua New Guinea, (Sept. 2006), read more about the thrilling adventures of international expeditions to this wild region in "Beneath the Cloud Forests - A History of Cave Exploration in Papua New Guinea". This compelling narrative by Howard Beck was honored by the International Union of Speleology with an award in 2005.

An account of adventure and exploration in one of the world’s last remaining wild places: the primordial jungles of Papua New Guinea and the strange realm of the caverns that lay hidden beneath them. Since 1965, over 30 international caving expeditions have been fielded throughout New Guinea. The story unfolds like a drama, a compelling narrative of survival both above and below ground. By Howard Beck. 2003, Speleo Projects, hardbound. English, with numerous illustrations. 352 Pages, 64 color, with 31 maps. $42.00

Caves and Karst of Peninsular Malaysia
Back by popular demand.  An annotated register with maps and other information.  By Liz Price, pb, 2001. $23.00

Expedition Gunung Lanno:Malaysia
A report resulting from an expedition held in November 2001. The book holds documentation of 32 caves with 12 kilometers of survey. It is far more than a report with information on new species, temple caves and both color and black and white pictures throughout. In both English and German, edited by E. Geyer, F. Schmidt, and P. Jeutter, 2005, 240pp, hb. $42.00

Caves of Gunug Buda 2000
American/Malaysian expedition report. Edited by Proffitt, Mosenfelder and Despain. With map packet and color photos. 84pp, 2003. $20.00

Caves of Gunug Buda 1997
A report on the 1997 expedition to Sarawak Malaysia. Lots of black and white photos, a color photo fold out, and maps, some foldout. Ed by Bradley Hacker, 1998, pb, 66pp, $15.00

Bungonia Caves
History, exploration & scientific study of caves in the Bungonia Preserve. By the Sydney Speleological Society, 240pp, 1973, hb. $25.00

North America
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A Guide to Caves and Karst of Indiana
A compact and comprehensive field guide with overview of the state's wild caves including descriptions of individual caves and karst features that are such a prominent part of the Indiana landscape. By Samuel S. Frushour in conjunction with the Indiana Geological Survey,with a contribution by Julian J. Lewis and Salisa L. Lewis. pb,152 pages, 45 color illus., 15 b&w illus. $22.00

Vermont Caves; A Geologic and Historical Guide
(with a special supplement of Caves of the Eastern Adirondacks, New York)
Guide book to the 2010 NSS Convention. 150pp, pb, fold out USGS index of Vermont topo maps in back. Written by Peter Quick, NY section by Chuck Porter. $25.00 Sale $18.00

Caves & Karst of The USA
Covers all major cave and karst areas of the United States with a chapter on neighboring countries. More than 600 color photographs. Published as the guidebook from the 2009 ICS, this is a wonderful compilation. Dense with information. A great way to be updated on many caves and cave areas and to be introduced to new ones. A perfect companion piece to "Cave Geology". 445pp, SB, Edited By Arthur N. Palmer and Margaret V. Palmer, 2009. $45.00

New copies of this beautiful well written book about this system in western Canada have been hidden in a basement for over 20 years. By Dalton Muir and Derek Ford,1985 HB, New copies plastic wrapped. $42.00 Sale $28.00

California Underground Adventures
The states best mines and caves for the traveling tourist. The writers did travel and visit the sites but did little research on what a caver was.By Jon Kramer and Julie Martinez, 2009, 184pp, pb. $16.95

Caves of Fire: Inisde America's Lava Tubes
A comprehensive book on lava tube caves in the USA and the surprising variety of features found within. In addition the book highlights lava tube caves open to the general public in national and state parks. More than 340 color photographs of stunning lava tube formations and passages. By Dave Bunnell, 2008, 124 pp, sb. $35.00

Alpine Karst Volume 2
Another well edited and interesting volume from the Alpine Karst Foundation. Articles which emphisize the caves and karst of alpine and mountainous regions of North America and the world and the equipment one would need to explore them. Edited by Joe and Tina oliphant, illus., 2006, pb, 170pp. $17.00

Alpine Karst 2004, Volume 1
Rebirth of a publication issued four times in the mid to late 1970's . The 2004 edition is edited by Tina Oliphant and published by Cave Books. Accounts of exploration and scietific work. Many maps included. Areas of interest include Montana, Alaska, Northern California, Colorado and more in the region. 130 pp., Color cover with may black and white photographs and illustrations. $14.00

Rock Watching
Adventures Above & Below Ontario

Trail guide to southern Ontario limestone, dolostone and marble geology sites including caves. By M. Gordon, 2005, 192pp, pb, $24.95

Caves of the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains
Detailed descriptions, maps and locations all intended for the serious caver. Rigging information, conservation advice and background on exploration all give this large format (8 1/2 by 11 inch horizontal) cave book a practical side to go along with the many beautiful black and white photographs. By Jon Rollins, a professional karst manager. 334pp., Sb., 2004. $34.95

Hidden Beneath The Mountains: Caves Of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
A thorough book with beautiful color photos. By Joel Despain, 2003, 12pp, pb. $14.95

Caves of Williams Cañon; History, Exploration, Science, and Conservation:1982-2000
Very few projects of the NSS produce publications, let alone publications like this. A fascination history with over a dozen contributors. A bargain! 2001, 248pp, pb. $20.00

Colorado Caves: Hidden Worlds Beneath The Peaks Price Reduced
A fantastic picture book with photos by David Harris. Includes discovery, exploration, history, scientific study, commercial development. conservation, and more. By longtime Colorado caver Richard Rhinehart. 144pp, pb. $24.95 ONLY $7.50

Texas Caves
Introduces both wild and commercial caves in this cave rich state. Includes stories of seven show caves and their developers as well as conservation, geololgy, and more. Over 100 photos, by Blair Pittman, 144pp, pb, $20.00

Western Kentucky Speleological Survey
We have 2 reports that have been dug up from Mylroie's basement. Each has lots of maps. 1981 @ $8.00, 1984 @ $10.00

The Wilderness Underground
Caves of the Ozark Plateau has over 6000 caves. This is a photographic, historical and scientific overview. By Dwight Weaver, 128pp, hb, List $28.00, Now $15.00

The Caves Of Carta Valley
Edward & Val Verde Co. Texas. No locations but lots of information, maps & photos. Ed. by C. Kunath, 1995, l09pp, pb. $22.00

Caves and Karst of Southeastern New Mexico
From a 2006 Geological Society field conference. By Land et al, 344pp, pb. $36.00

Gypkap Reports
Annual report with maps, descriptions and photos. By the Southwestern Region. #1, 1987, 35pp, #2, 1992, 56pp, pb, both for $15.00
#3, 1996, 68pp, pb. $15.00

Lava River Cave
By C. & J .Larson 24pp, 1987,pb.$2.00

The Cave Of Delaware
Puts an end to the reports that Delaware is the only state without a cave. (It is Rhode Island ! ) By Jack Speece, 1977, 16pp, pb. $1.00

Wisconsin Underground
Includes show caves and sites in public parks. Very little actual wild caving, but interesting places to go with a family or for the speleologically curious. By Doris Green. 160pp, pb. $14.95

Iowa Underground
A Guide To The State’s Subterranean Treasures

Latest in the Trails Books Guide series that includes Wisconsin and Minnesota. By Greg Brick. 222 pp. Sb. 2004. $18.95

Minnesota Underground & Best of the Black Hills
A guide to mines, sinks caves & disappearing streams of Minnesota and South Dakota. Underground oddities. By D. Green, 192 pp, pb. $14.95

George Washington Cave
The story of a small Cave ln Jefferson County, WV, which contains an apparently authentic signature of George Washington. By Jack Speece, 1978, 16pp, pb. $1.00

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Die St. Beatus-Hohlen
Enstehung, Geschichte, Erforschung

Maps, science and beautiful photographs with English summaries of German and French text. Published by Speleo Projects. 2004, 260pp., Hb. $35.00

Beneath The Mountains: Exploring The Deep Caves Of Asturias
A classic tale of British cave expedition, exploration. By Davis Rose and Richard Gregson, 191pp, 1987, hb., $10.00

East Europe & Beyond
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Iran Cave Directory 2nd Edition
BHB volume 37. Ezzatollah Raeisi & Michael Laumanns. 143 pp., many surveys and colour maps; Berlin 2009. THE reference on karst and caves of Iran. Introduction: Geological and tectonical settings, state of speleology in Iran, general explanations. Cave surveys. Thematic tables. Geological map. The main section of the book lists and describes, in the form of a table with far more than 850 lines, all caves, which became known up till now in Iran – obtained to a great part by the translation of Persian sources that are not accessible in the Occident. Detailed list of references. In English language, with a Farsi and German abstract. $22.00

Pesteri din Romania un tezaur care merita 2D/3D
(Caves of Romania a worthy treasure 2D/3D)
Text in Rumanian & English. 160 pages of spectacular photographs, about half of which are in 3D. Several contributing photographers with text by Dr. Bogdan Onac. Glasses included. From the ICS @ $55.00 while supply lasts!

The Karst of the Bol’shoj Tkhach (NW Caucasus, Russia)
BHB #25, 2008 pb, $22.00

Karst and Caves of Iraq
BHB #26, 2008, 58pp plus color photos and maps. $22.00

Caves Beyond Time
A beautiful photo science book from Romania. A tour of the caves of Romania with English text. A real bargain! 175pp with maps and color photos. By Christian Lascu, 2001, hb. $34.00

Piatra Altarului
A beautifully illustrated book on one of the most important caves ever discovered in Romania. In Romanian and English, pb, 1996, 80pp. $18.00

Resources on the Speleology of Afghanistan
An extensive listing of underground resources with bibliography. #14 in the international caves series by Berliner Hohlenkundliche. 166 pages, English, 2004. $22.00