The following DVDs are produced by BCI

Building Homes for Bats
Introduction to succesful bathouse builders who share their experience and knowledge. How to build, install and maintain bat houses. 26 minutes. $15.00

Kids Discover Bats DVD
This BCI feature item combines live action footage with clever animation to bring the world of bats into your home or classroom. 22 minutes, 2000. $15.00

The Secret World of Bats DVD
Follow BCI founder Merlin Tuttle across fine continents. Stunning slow motion photography. A must for naturalists, educators and anyone interested in learning the fascinating truth about bats. $15.00

Merlin Tuttle: Guardian Angel of Bats DVD
Part of the series "Heroes of Nature", by public television of France. A tribute to the beauty of nature and the importance of successful conservation actions. In English. $15.00

Salon CD By Keith Goggin
Songs performed by Kieth Goggin and caver musician allstars prepared for the 2009 Convention photo salon evening. Now a hit inside the caving community and even getting play outside. $15.00

Latest Dangerous Dick Caving Songs CD
Now available, the Duckbuster's Resounding Triquel! - "Duck This!!" Following smash caver hits "In Too Deep" and "Karst Fever". Professional production. Released at the ICS in Kerrville. 2009 Cave Ballads Winner. $17.00

"Duck This" Play List

The Erotic Underground CD
200 images of beautiful nude or semi-nude women photographed tastefully in some of the world's prettiest caves. From the upcoming publication of the same title. Two different screensavers. By Dave Bunnell. $20.00. Nine Post Card set for $6.00

The Mill Pond Experience DVD
A taste of three popular Florida cave systems. 60 minutes, 2007, Kagan & Schott. $25.00

Mysterious Life of Caves
A Nova DVD originally shown in 2002. Join cavers on a trip to Via Luz and Carlsbad to find life that may lead us to discoveries about Mars and other worlds. 54 minutes. $20.00

Facing Darkness DVD
A documentary about caves and cave diving featuring Jim Bowden, Lamar Hires, John Orlowski, Bill Rennaker and more. Follows cave divers through some of the North Florida caves. 2006, 45 minutes, English with French subtitles, by Nathalie Lasselin. $30.00

Journey Into Amazing Caves DVD
Originally created for Imax Theartres. Includes a bonus disc featuring Journey Into Amazing Caves in high-definition palayable on your windows XP PC. (some specific system requirements) 40 min. $24.95

Karst Fever
More musical mayhem for the world's most original (and talented in our opinion) caving band. "Cavers to the Core", "Bangin' Bill", "Karst Fever" and many more new tunes from Dangerous Dick and the Duckbusters. If you haven't heard their debut CD "In Too Deep" you will want to order both. 2005. 63 minutes. $17.00

In Too Deep
By Dangerous Dick & The Duckbusters. A very good collection of professionally performed and recorded caver tunes in traditional styles on CD. Funds support the Cave Conservancy of Canada. Rated must have by the Speleobooks staff. $17.00

Wookey; Rob Gould
Music CD from the Gavin Newman film “Wookey Exposed”. $20.00

Caves Of Thunder; Rob Gould
10th anniversary release of music CD from the Gavin Newman audio visual. $20.00

Water’s Journey
The Hidden Rivers Of Florida

This highly enjoyable 60 minute video, led by Wes Skiles and shown on PBS across the nation, is perhaps the finest explanation of the relation of karst to groundwater as supremely illustrated in the Floridian aquifer. Sensational cave diving combined with extremely effective conservation. All this and humor, too! 2003, Karst Productions. $24.95.
Water's Journey Special Edition DVD
Includes the full documentary plus short film features, Expedtion highlights and Florida Springs interactive Learning Site. $30.00

La Savoie Meconnue et Ignoree:Ses Abris, Ses Grottes, Ses Abimes
Includes 55 min of films of the areas caverns, 150 photos in a diorama and 57 itineraries with maps. For PC only, in French. $32.00