Vertical Bill: The Story of Bill Cuddington and the Development of Vertical Caving in America
Widely acknowledged as the “father of vertical caving,” Bill Cuddington has pioneered vertical rope techniques for more than half a century. Published by the NSS, this new book explores Bill Cuddington the person, and his life of adventures on rope and underground. Foreword by William R. Halliday, M.D. By David W. Hughes, 2007, hb, 392pp. $25.00

Alpine Caving Techniques
A Complete Guide to Safe and Efficient Caving

The long-awaited English edtiion of this classic manual. A definitive source for caving techniques. Emphasizes vertical caving and rigging practices, as well as presenting new and thorough discussions on many other aspects of cave exploration. A must for every caver. by Marbach and Tourte. 2002, hb., 320 pp. $39.50

On Station 2nd Edition
A complete handbook for surveying & mapping caves. A good place to start your training. An NSS publication. By George Dasher, 1994, hb, 242pp. Revised edition, 2011. $36.00

Knots for Climbers
From the how to rock climb series. Well illustrated booklet by Craig Luebben, pb, 39pp, 1995, $6.95

CMC Rappel Manual
2nd Edition by James A. Frank and Donald E. Patterson, 125pp, 1997, pb, $22.00

Caving Basics
A very good guide for a new caver. By the Caver Training Committee of the NSS. 187pp, 1992, pb. $17.00

On Rope
North American vertical rope techniques, revised edition. Includes a many new areas and ideas. By Smith and Padgett, 382pp, 1996, Hb. $28.00

A review of techniques. Highly recommended if you want to learn what the rest of the world does in vertical caves. By Alan Warild, updated 2001, on CD rom only (all systems with Adobe Acrobat Reader). over 400 iIlus. $15.00