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Hitchers Bat Finger Puppet
8" wingspan. Velcro finger wrap on back. $5.00

Plush Toy Freetail Bat $7.00

Bats at the Beach/Library Plush Bat
The lead character from some of our favorite books, the delightful Bats At... series. Coming this fall will be Bats at the Ball Game. Wing span 13", good for all ages. $15.00

Koko Bat
Handmade fabric bat. Beautiful, fanciful design, from India. Wings button in resting position. Expansive 24 inch wingspan. $75.00 Now only $38.00

Long-nosed Bat
With 18 inch cloth wings. $12.00
Sale $7.00

Brown Bat Handpuppet
With a 25 inch wingspan. $19.00
Flying Fox Handpuppet
With a 25 inch wingspan. $19.00
Black Bat Handpuppet
With a 25 inch wingspan. $19.00
Cuddlekins Little Brown Bat, Vampire Bat or Flying Fox
Cuddly plush. 28 inch wingspan. $16.00
specify, flying fox shown

Pink Eared Plush Bat
A big (20 inch) friendly looking hanging plush bat available in brown or black body. Only $8.00 Specifiy Color Choice.

Itsy Bitsies Bean Bag
With a 7 inch wingspan. $5.00

Little Ugly Ice Bat Plush Doll
He wants to hang out with you...or just hang upside-down, if that's OK with you! Ice Bat is there for you when you feel like you may be loosing your cool, or feeling like a fool. Don't panic! Don't stress! Grab Ice Bat and put him to the test. Choose Black or Red. $10.00

Ugly Doll Icebat as a 4" plush key chain (blue color). $6.00

Old Bat Plush

A purple old bat plush with scruffy, rumpled fur and a 12” wingspan. A great birthday or holiday gift for all of your favorite old bats. $12.00. Sale $10.00

Fuzzy Finger Puppet
With a 11 inch wingspan. $3.50

Mega-Mega Bat Plush
A giant 33 inch wingspan fruit bat toy. $18.00

Funny Friends Bat
Oversized plush decorative bat, made for hanging, not play. 24 inch wingspan. $12.00 SALE $8.00

Sheer Wing Finger Puppet
Ten inch wingspan, age 3 and up. $6.00