Bat Sticker
Black bats on yellow Scotchlite background. Adhesive-backed. Available in the following styles:
Large 2" x 6" $2.00
Large 2" x 6" Magnet $3.00
Mini 3/4" x 2 1/2". $1.00
Mini 3/4" x 2 1/2" Magnet. $1.50
Patch $6.00
Pin $6.00

When you buy a yellow bat sticker, you are donating to the NSS Bat Research and Protection Fund!

I'm Batty About Bats Sticker
A favorite design produced by Speleobooks on a high quality four inch adhesive vinyl sticker suitable for almost any surface. Sun and weather resistant. $1.00 each.

Bat Protection Squad Sticker
Produced by Speleobooks on four inch adhesive vinyl sticker. Sun and weather resistant. Ideal as a bumper sticker. $1.00 each.

I Love Bats
Durable bumper sticker 11 1/2" long, $1.00

Vertical Caver Sticker
A sticker for vertical cavers designed by Jerry Wallace. Two by three inches in size.75 Cents Each

International Caver
Small Sticker 3" 75c
Large Sticker 7" $1.25