Gurnee Guide To American Show Caves
Gives the reader a detailed look at the Speleological attractions and visitor amenities of approximately 150 show caves in the United States. This easy-to-use guide book is packed full of useful information for adventurous Speleo-travelers. Crammed with full-color photos and vivid descriptions of cave features. By Gurnee, 220pp, SB, 2008. $19.99

Diamond Caverns; Jewel of Kentucky's Underground
By Stanley D. Sides, 2007, pb. Fully illustrated. $3.00

Kartchner Caverns: How Two Cavers Discovered and Saved One of the Wonders of the Natural World
Dramatic and inspiring story of how two young cavers Randy Tufts and Gary Tenen stumbled upon a hidden world of awe and wonder--Arizona's Kartchner Caverns. Delving deep into the discovery and the secrecy they maintained for fourteen years, Miller also relates how, through stubborn advocacy, Tufts and Tenen ultimatley preserved and helped transform Kartchner Caverns into a major public attraction. By Neil Miller, 2008, 224pp, sb. $15.95

Mammoth Cave National Park;
A guide to exploring the caves, trails, roads and rivers

A Falcon Guide by Johnny Molloy which includes a fold out map, accommodations, lots of activities and information on both above and belowground in the Park. Perfect for the caver taking a family along to Mammoth. Pb, 137pp. $15.95

Pennsylvania Caves
& Other Rocky Roadside Wonders

A very thoughtful and informative review of past and current show caves in this state. Considers geology, speleology, conservation and many other aspects that highlight a well researched, involved approach to the subject. Full of well selected maps and vintage illustrations. By Kevin Patrick. 248 pp., Sb., 2004. $19.95

Gems of the Golden State
The 15 best Caves to visit in California

Caves in limestone, marble, lava, talus caves, sea caves and more. With accounts of discovery, history and exploration. Exquisite photography throughout. Caves selected all offer guided or self guided tours. Photos by Peter and Ann Bosted. Written by Ann Bosted. 2003, 64pp. pb. $12.00

Mammoth Cave and the Kentucky Cave Region
History of Mammoth Cave and other regional caves using vintage photographs from 1866 to 1941. By Bob and Judi Thompson, 2003, 128pp, pb. $20.00

Wind Cave National Park - The First 100 Years
In vintage photograps. By Peggy Saunders, 2003, pb. 128pp. $20.00

Kartchner Caverns
August 1999 special issof of Jounal of Cae and Karst Studies with Kartchner symposium papers. Bats, geology, history and more. 121pp, pb, $9.00

Nature's Underground Wilderness: Kartchner Caverns
A colorful tourist guide which is mostly photos but has history, geology and conservation information as well. By Arizona Highways, pb, 1998, 32pp, $7.95

Guide To The Surface Trails Of Mammoth Cave National Park
A clear guide to trail walk by Stanley D. Sides. Lots of maps. 1991, 1OOpp, pb. $5.00

Cumberland Caverns
The exploration of Tennessee's longest cave. By L.E.Mathews. 1989, pb, 317pp. $10.00

Hollow Hills Of Sunnalle
Linville Caverns Story illus. by Oliver Holler, by Cato & Susan Holler. 68pp, 1989, pb.$7.50

Carlsbad Caverns: Early Years
A Photographic history. By Robert Nymeyer & Wm. R. Halliday, 156pp, 1991, pb, $10.00

An Ancient World Beneath The Hills: Wind Cave
New ed. has clear information & beautiful photos. By Art Palmer, 64pp, l995, pb. $7.00

Jewel Cave A Gift From The Past
A new edition, excellent photos and presentation. By Art Palmer, 56pp, pb. 1995. $7.00

The Jewel Cave Adventure; Ffity Miles Of Discovery Under South Dakota
Herb & Jan Conn's tale of discoveries, adventures and caving. Illus., 244pp, 1977, pb. $11.95

Oregon Caves: Discovery & Exploration
By Walsh & Halliday. 27pp 1989, pb. $3.00

Alabaster Cavern & Woodward County
Geology & history. 38pp, pb, 1982 .$2.00

Alexander Caverns: Penn.
By Speece.Map, photos, 24pp, 1973, pb. $1.00