Sarawak image (C) Robbie Shone, made up of five vertical images each using five Scurion® lights exposed for 30 seconds to paint in the walls around.

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For 2012. Introducing a new premium cave dive light from Scurion®.

Scurion® Dive Model 1500 (1500 total lumen). Two batteries, charger. Features the new Scurion® battery module system. -100 Meter depth tested. $1350.00 in Black

Dive light product details:

* Helmet lamp, light output 1500 lm max - we provide the current top model as dive version!

* Battery capacity: 4-cell li-ion module, 7.2 V, 5.2 Ah, 37 Wh

    * Depth rating: -100m

    * Lamp head: 166 g, Battery case: 290 g, Battery module 205 g

    * Material: Aluminium, black anodized

    * Color temperature: 6000K oder 3000K

    * Spot: Half angle 6.5° + room light (lambert distribution, half angle 60°)

For diving, we designed this special battery case. It is rather robust, machined from a block of aluminum. We decided not to use a quick release closing mechanism, as this might open accidentally when squeezing through narrow cracks, scratching at the rocks. The case is closed by two stainless steel screws which are tightened with an allen wrench (provided with the dive set).

Our battery module system is designed for the maximum convenience. A four cell Li-ion battery pack is housed in a robust plastic case. The contact to the battery case is made via two large, gold-plated multiple contacts. As for the internals, we are only using the maximum available capacity cells from top brands like Panasonic, Sanyo (subsidiary of Panasonic) or Samsung. These cells are top notch in terms of quality and are good for years of reliable service. The cells are protected by a supervisor electronics PCB which is installed inside the battery module.

Scurion® 1500 Caving Model. Two LEDs "pure white" for maximum light output. Spot and wide angle each 725 lumen. Based on the world record efficiency LED Cree XM-L: Total 1450 lumen with a super bright spot! $1075.00 in Black.

Our U.S. field tested model 1300..allowing us to see McFails Cave (on two long trips) as we've never seen it before.

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Scurion® Lights from Switzerland - Updated lights for 2012 now available in the U.S. through Speleobooks. Please email for more information on purchase or visit the Scurion® website for full product details.

Shipping information for Scurion
Use our secure order form for placing orders or give us a call. Order by product description. Shipping will be via UPS within the U.S., insured with charges billed to you at our cost for all in stock items. Special orders from Switzerland will be handled the same, except will have a delay for arrival of scheduled delivers to Speleobooks. Expedited orders direct to customers from Switzerland will have additional shipping charges. We will confirm all costs before charging and shipment.

Scurion® Dive Model 1500 (1450 total lumen). Two batteries, charger. Features the new Scurion® battery module system. 100 Meter depth tested. $1350.00 in Black

Scurion® Model 1500 (1450 total lumen). Two batteries, charger. $1075.00 in Black

Scurion® Model 1200 Two "warm white" LEDs, (1200 total lumen) wide and spot. Two batteries, charger. $1075.00 in black.

Scurion® model 700 Two X 360 lumen lights. (700 total lumen). One battery, charger $675.00

Colour option, special order (red, blue, green) $19.00

Battery sets and optional equipment also available:

6177 4C modular Battery Pack for Dive Light (Li-Ion, 5.0Ah) $150.00
6178 Module Charger $100
6033 Bike adapter $121.00
5934 Spare charger $88.00
5906 Colour option (red, blue, green) $19.00
5993 headstrap"outdoor" $60.00
6039 Short connector cable (10cm, spare part) $26.50
5822 Additional 4C Battery pack (Li-Ion, 5.1Ah) $120.00
UV Option (Special Order) $66.00
Additional 2 cell Li-Ion Battery Pack $82.00
Blade Mount Adaptor $19.00
9 Volt Battery Adaptor (connects to standard 9v battery) $20.00
Spare UV glass $20.00
Power level projector (self installed or special order) $77.00