A Complete Reference for Cave Rescue
Intended to serve as a comprehensive reference for those interested in cave rescue, bringing together under one cover the knowledge and experience from 50 years of organized cave rescue in the Americas. Many illustrations and photographs. Stands as the only publication of its kind in print. Published by the National Speleological Society. Edited by Hempel and Fregeau-Conover. 2001, 384pp., $25.00 pb. $33.00 hb.

From the how to rock climb series. Describes a variety of techniques that every climber should know, many of which can easily be applied to caving. By David J. Fasulo, pb, 1996, 99pp, $12.95

CMC Rope Rescue Manual 3rd Edition
Updated and expanded in 1998. Edited by James A, Frank, pb, 208pp. $25.00

Rope Rescue Field Guide
A field guide to take with you to practice and training. 4" across. Wire bound, 60pp. $12.00

On Call
NSS field guide and rescue techniques compendium. Hempel, 2001. 384PP, SB. $31.00