Under Plowman's Floor
Never read this classic of caving litereature by Red Watson? Shame, shame, shame! Now conveniently reprinted for rereading, gifts or discovering for the first time. The story of a man devoted to cave exploration. From his first cave to his metamorphis into a master caver. Richard Watson, 2006. $13.00

The Caves Beyond: The Story Of The Floyd Collins Crystal Cave Exploration
The official account of the 1954 NSS expedition is a classic caving adventure story. New introduction by Brucker. By J. Lawrence Jr. & R. Brucker, 318pp, 1976, pb. $16.00

Subterranean Climbers: Twelve Years In The World's Deepest Chasm
The Dent de Colles in SE France is one of the greatest cave networks in the world. Chevalier and his companions spent 12 years, 1936- 1947, establishing a depth record. With a new introduction. By Pierre,Chevalier, 247pp, 1975, pb. $8.00. hb $14.00

Rambles In The Mammoth Cave
2nd ed. reprint. 1845 by A.C.Bullitt, intro by H. Meloy, 134pp, pb, 1985. $6.00

The Longest Cave
1987 reprint of 1972 book. New afterword. A classic of cave exploration. Brucker & Watson. 331pp, pb.$20.00

Ten Years Under The Earth
The classic of wild caving. By Casteret, 1939, introduction by Red Watson. 1975, 320pp, pb. $12.00

The Outlaws of Cave In Rock
Saga of outlaws who operated from the Ohio Caverns. Rothert, 1924/1996, pb, 364pp. $15.00