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Mammoth Cave and Kentucky
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index

Rambles in the Mammoth Cave, During the year 1844 by a visitor. (Dr
John Croghan)
Very rare Mammoth title, New spine, very tight and clean, fold out map in good conditon, Prints clean and sharp, little to no foxing. A really wonderful copy. $850.00

The Mammoth Cave Of Kentucky, An Illustrated Manual.
By Horace Carter Hovey and Richard Ellsworth Call, Fifth Edition. Good with owners name on cover and guest signitures in back. Spine chipped and corners worn. $55.00

Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, Hovey's Practical Guide to the Regulation Routes
Published by John P.Morton & co. 1909, Green paper cover with rust stains over the staple binding. Interior clean with little wear. Very good. $42.00

Mammoth Cave, W. Stump Forwood, A very clean tight copy, no foxing, 225pp, hb, brown cloth, 1870, $250.00

Ancient Life in Kentucky, Webv & Funkhouser, 349pp, hb, exlib, first ed, 1928, $60.00

Cave Life of Kentucky, Vernon Bailey, 256pp, 1933, one copy vg, $65.00, another good, $55.00

Celebrated American Caverns, H. Hovey, 228pp, first ed, 1882, some water stains at top of pages, back fly leaf cracked, fold out map has some damage, binding is rubbed. $250.00

The Geology and Physiography of the Mammoth Cave National Park, Armin Kohl Lobeck, 1928, 69pp, pb, $30.00

At Home and Abroad:A Sketchbook of Life Scenery and Men by BayardTaylor, 1860.
Includes three chapters on Mammoth Cave with 66 pages of text, worn on all edges and is generally fair with foxing on the Mammoth print but clean text. Binding poor with loose cloth. Autograhed and owned by Chas Hitchcock, 1859.

Riverby by John Burroughs, 1894
Includes 11 page visit to Mammoth Cave. Good victorian illustrated binding.Generally very good with a few chips on the top and bottom of the spine.Internally excellent. $50.00

Sucker's Visit to the Mammoth Cave, by R.S. Thompson, 1879, Green cloth binding, Some water damage to binding top and bottom, internal very good, 128pp. $450.00

The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky; an Illustrated Manual, By Hovey and Call, 1902ed, 107pp, teal binding,VG, $50.00

The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky; an Illustrated Manual, By Hovey and Call, 1902ed, 107pp, presentation copy from Call to a friend, brown binding, VG, $65.00

The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky; with an account of Colossal Cavern By Hovey l, 1912ed, 131pp, green binding, VG, $60.00

Geology of Mammoth Cave National Park. Ann Livesay and Preston McGrain, very good, 1962. Kentucky Geol. Survey. $8.00

True; The Man's Magazine, "Seven Days in the Hole" by Robert Halmi, Mammoth Cave and Floyd Collins, Missing pages 1-39 has complete article. $4.00

Bound Course Text for Practical Karst Hydrogeology With Emphasis On Ground-Water Monitoring. May 25-28 1993, Cave City, Ky.
Two 4 inch ring binder volumes with all course material including lecture outlines and related articles. Featuring James Quinlan, Tom Aley, Ralph Ewers, Peter Huntoon and Phillip Kemmerly. Many additional authors included. Used. One available. $80.00

Bound Course Text for Karst Field Studies At Mammoth Cave, Hydrogeology May 31-June 6, 1987 Mammoth Cave Kentucky
One 3 1/2 inch ring binder volumes with all course material including lecture outlines and related articles. Used. One available. $45.00

Cave Life
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index

The Life of The Cave, Mohr and Poulson, 232pp, fantastic overview of cave life. 1966, hb w/dj, only $10.00

British Bats, Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald, 61pp, 1949, hb, w/dj. $8.00

Silently By Night, Russell Peterson, 227pp, hb w/dj, classic bat book. $12.00

Listening in the Dark, Donald R. Griffin, 411pp, hb, w/dj, 1958, $30.00

The Life of the Bat, Charles Derennes, 183pp,hb, a delightful personal narrative, 1924, $18.00

The Lives of Bats
By D.W. Yalden and P.A. Morris, includes flight, anatomy, food, reproduction, sound, and much more.  A good basic but thorough bat book for those who want more than a simple guide book.  1975, 246pp, illus., hb w/dj. $35.00

Bats, by Allen, Dover Reprint, 368pp, pb, 1939/1962, A classic. $10.00

Bats, by Allen, 338pp, hb, w/dj, 1939 first ed., vg, $65.00

Bats; Wings in the Night, Patricia Lauber, 77pp, 5-6th grade level, hb, $8.00

The World of the Bat, Charles Mohr, 162pp, hb w/dj, 1976, still an excellent general bat book. $14.00

Bats of America, Barbour and Davis, 286pp, hb w/dj, ex lib. VG. $90.00

Speciation and Raciation in Cavernicoles, reprinted from American Midland Naturalist, p 1-160, July 1960, pb, $35.00

The Invertebrate Cave Fauna of Virginia and part of Eastern Tennessee:Zoogeography and Ecology, Holsinger and Culver, published in Brimleyana, June 1988, 164pp, pb. $10.00

5 offprints by William A. Wimstatt, 1952, Anatomy and Histolphysiology of the penis of a vespertilionid bat 415-466; 1944, Growth of the ovarian follicle and ovulation in Myotis luciufugus Lucifugus129-173;, 1944 Further studies on the survival of Spermatozoa in the female reproductive tract of the bat, 193-204; 1957 The unique maturation response of the Graafian follicles of hibernation vespertilionid bats and the question of its significance, 115-132; 1952 Reproduction and the female reproductive cycle in the tropical American vampire bat, Desmodus rotundus murinus, page 415-446, All five papers for $40.00

Animal Life of Carlsbad Caverns, Vernon Bailey, 195pp, hb, 1928, vg, $24.00

Annual Report of the Smithsonian 1947, 471pp, hb. (has some bat articles) $10.00

Fauna Cavernicole de La France, Jeannel, 1926 334pp, 15 plates, 74 text figs, Vg. Rare book on the cave fauna of France. $140.00

Missouri Related Books
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index

Caves Of Missouri
The classic Missouri cave book. By J. Harlen Bretz, 1956, Hb, 490pp, DJ. One copy is good, with owners name of fly leaf. $85.00, Second copy is VG, clean dj and tight binding. $100.00

Wilderness Underground
By Weaver, 133pp, well illus, hb w/dj. VG to EX. $16.00

Missouri the Cave State
By Weaver and Johnson, 336pp, pb, notes on title page, Good. $42.00

Springs of Missouri
By Vineyard and Feder, 212pp, pb, notes on flyleaf, cover worn. Fair to good. $35.00

Antiquities of Central and South-Eastern Missouri, Gerard Fowke, 116pp, hb, 1910, Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #37. $10.00

Out Of Print Titles
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index
These books are currently available at Speleobooks. We normally have multiples of each in stock. All previously owned and may include a previous owners name or bookplate. If you are willing to take a copy without a dust jacket or in rough condition let us know and it will be a lower price. We sometimes have autographed or special presentation copies. Inquire.

Deep In Caves And Caverns
Famous caves at home and abroad. By L. &G. Poole, 1962, 158pp, hb/dj. $18.00

The History Of Mendip Caving
Cave exploration in this popular area. By Peter johnson, 1967, 196pp, hb/dj. $26.00

The World Of Caves
English edition of a German general caving book. Broad discussion of the field including prehistory, geology, flora and fauna, exploration etc. 24 b & w photos, By Anton Lubke, 1958, hb w/dj. $14.00

Trapped: The Story of Floyd Collins
By Robert K. Murray & Roger W. Brucker. Original first edition, Binding cracked but clean copy of this collectable title. 1972, hb. with dust jacket $13.00

Climbing Blind
By Colette Richard, intro by Casteret. Blind woman who learns to cave & climb. A wonderful, true inspirational story. 159pp, 1965, hb, DJ. $20.00

The Lives of Bats
By D.W. Yalden and P.A. Morris, includes flight, anatomy, food, reproduction, sound, and much more.  A good basic but thorough bat book for those who want more than a simple guide book.  1975, 246pp, illus., hb w/dj. $35.00

The Cave of Rouffignac
By Louis-Rene Nougier and Romain Robert, the fascinating animal world revealed in this cave.  Mammoths, rhinoceroses, and the long battle with the authorities in Southern France.  Very French in attitude, very interesting read.  1958, 230pp, illus., hb w/dj. $18.00

The Life Of The Cave
By Mohr and Poulson, a classic book. 232pp, 1966, hb, no/dj $20.00

The Complete Book Of Cave Exploration
By Roy Pinney, 256pp,1962, w/dj $16.00,no/dj $15.00

British Caving; An Introduction to Speleology
Edited by C.H.D.Cullingford. One of the first books to try and put into writing the entire world of Speleology. A classic book in the field with 19 chapters under the catagories; Science of Caving and Practice of Caving,592pp, 1953, hb, w/dj $38.00

Discovery At The Rio Camuy; The finding and exploring of one of the largest caves in the Western World
By R. & J. Gurnee, A great story, which includes Emily's first expedition! 183pp, 1973, DJ. $28.00

Exploring American Caves;Their History, Geology, Lore and Location, A Spelunkers Guide
By Franklin Flosom, from the golden age of caving, 1956, 280pp, hb w/dj, over 100 photos. $16.00

Caves and Caving in Britain
By Edmund J. Mason, "This book is intended for those who want to know what caving is all about". Deals not only with the sport but also geology, hydrology and more. 1977, 208pp, hb w/dj. $12.00

Challenge Underground
By Bruce L. Bedford, who tries to answer "What sense of adventure and imagination drives .....to endure extreme physical discomfort". 1975, 192pp, hb, w/dj. $18.00

Celebrated American Caves
By Charles E. Mohr and Howard N. Sloane, two important early NSS officers. Includes contributions from the likes of Brucker, Davies, Jackson, Halliday, Nicholas, and more. From the infancy of the NSS. 1955, 339pp, hb w/dj. $12.00

Cavers Caves and Caving
Ed. By Bruce Sloane (yes, Howard Sloane's son). Includes info on a wide range of subject including Histoplasmosis, Floyd Collins, Stephen Bishop, Caverns of Sonora,. By an amazing group of authors; Conn, Barr, Jackson, Aley, Meloy, Larson, Gurnee and more. 1975, 409pp, well illus, hb, w/dj. $12.00

Depths of the Earth
By William R. Halliday, Full of history, science and exploration. A wealth of information. First Edition 1966, well illus. 398pp, hb w/dj. $30.00

Depths of the Earth
By William R. Halliday, Revised and enlarged. Several new chapters including one on the first NSS cave, Mcfails. Second Edition 1976, well illus. 432pp, hb w/dj. $20.00

By Tony Waltham, a general information, mass market book from Britain, one of the first to have lots of color pictures. 240pp, over 200 illus. 1977, hb, w/dj. Recently reduced to $12.00

Caves of Mystery; The story of Cave Exploration
By John Scott

, stories of famous exploration. Includes Carlsbad, Mammoth, early deep cave push, Lascaux, Waitomo and more. 1956, 273pp, hb, w/dj. $16.00

American Caving Illustrated; Caving, Climbing, Camping
By J. Welborn Storey, A how to book that was self published but a long term NSS member and expedition explorer. 1965, illus, 302pp, hb (was not published with a dj. $18.00

The Mysterious World of Caves
By Ernst W. Bauer, an early color picture book of caves, with color illustrations on every page. Popular press international history and general information. 1971, 129pp, illustrated hb cover. $15.00

Caves of Adventure; A personal Account of Danger, Death and Discovery far Beneath the Surface of the Earth
By Haround Tazieff, the story of the death of Marcel Loubens in the attempt to explore Pierre Saint-Martin in France. 1953, 222pp, hb, w/dj. $8.00

Karst In China
Oversized picture book with message from Mao. English, 1976, 196pp, hb/dj. $45.00

Caves Of...
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index

Caves of Madison County, Alabama
By Jones and Varnedoe Jr. Geological Survey of Alabama, Circular 52, 1968. 177pp, pb. Tape on spine, Map of county in pocket. Maps of caves throughout. $36.00

Caves of Maryland, Franz & Slifer, 1971, 120pp, pb. Maryland Geological Survey, $30.00

An Essay on The Caves Of the Cherokee Nation, Donald R. Russel, 50pp, pb, 1971, $18.00

The Greek Caves, Petrocheilou, 1984, 160pp, pb, illus. $36.00

Caverns of West Virginia. William E. Davies, 1948 edition $28.00, 1958 edition $45.00

Descriptions of Tennessee Caves, Larry Matthews, 150pp, plus maps, pb reprint 1978, $15.00, HB 1971 $22.00

Caverns of Virginia, by William McGill, Presentation copies, 187pp, hb, 1933. $100.00

The Caves of Iowa, Quint City Grotto and Iowa Grotto, 16pp, pb, $10.00

Alabama Caves, Tarkington, Varnedoe and Veitch, 1965, pb, red binding, no page numbers, $80.00

Exploring Alabama Caves, Daniel and Coe, 199pp, pb, 1973. $18.00

Caves of Montana, Campbell, 169pp, pb with map pocket, 1978. $35.00

Caves of Colorado, Lloyd E. Parris, 245pp, hb, 1973 first edition. $200.00

The Caves of Texas. Charles E. Mohr (ed.), pb, clean copy. 1948. NSS Bulletin 10. $80.00

The Caves of Maryland, William E. Davies, 1950 ed, 70pp, map packet and back cover separated but included. $40.00
Reprinted with appendix 1952, 75pp, with map packet, $45.00
Reprinted with appendix 1961, 76pp with map packet, $50.00

The Caves of Hong Kong
by Lo Ding 1973. Text in Chinese but maps are easy to follow. Very good condition. $15.00 Order Item B12.

The Grottos of Majorca
by Pedro Santamarta Cuenca, 1978. VG, pb,64pp, well illustrated. Very good. $12.00

The Caves of North-West Clare Ireland
Edited by E.K. Tratman, by the members of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society. A complete study in an area of 50 sq miles with all previous information included. Also the story of discovery, exploration, survey and investigation of 35 miles of very wet and dangerous caves over 17 years. 1969, 256pp, Fold out maps, illus. hb w/dj. $60.00

Caves of Indiana
by Richard L. Powell, 1961. Spine has marker "Indiana Caves" on it. Rubber stamped on cover and a few other places "Peter M. Hauer". Back cover and map loose. $48.00

NSS Speleo Digests
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index
The following Digests are in good to very good condition. Some with names of previous owners inside. Insides clean and tight.

Speleo Digest 1956- $140.00
Reprint 1956 -$80.00
Speleo Digest 1958 - $140.00
Speleo Digest 1962- $60.00
Speleo Digest 1964- $55.00
Speleo Digest 1965- $55.00
Speleo Digest 1967- $25.00
Speleo Digest 1968- $25.00
Speleo Digest 1969- $55.00
Speleo Digest 1970- $15.00
Speleo Digest 1971- $15.00
Speleo Digest 1972- $8.00
Speleo Digest 1973- $8.00
Speleo Digest 1974- $8.00
Speleo Digest 1975- $8.00
Speleo Digest 1976- $8.00
Speleo Digest 1977- $8.00

NSS Bulletins; #1 through #20 all currently available. Many at lower prices. Inquire.

Cave Paintings, Archeology and Cave Painting Fiction
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index

Faunal and Archeological Researches in Yucatan Caves, By Robert Hatt
et al, 119 pp, plus plates, pb, 1953, vg. $25.00

Art in the Ice Age, Spanish Levant Art, Arctic Art, Maringer and
Bandi, 168pp, hb, Good. $15.00

The Rock Paintings of Tassili, Jean-Dominique Lajoux, 204pp, hb, VG.

Homes of Primeval Man; Wandering in the caves of Czechoslovakia,
Josef Kunsky, fully illustrated, 1954, fair, $45.

Four Centuries of Cave Art, by Breuil, 413pp, well illus coffee table
type book, 1953, hb, vg. $125.00

Les Cavernes Du Volp, Begouen & Breuil, 121pp, fold out map, 1958, hb
w/dj, VG, $85.00

Prehistoric Painting; Lascaux or the Birth of Art, Georges Bataille,
hb, 149pp, VG. $60.00

Lascaux;Paintings and Engravings, Annette Laming, 208pp, pb, paper browned, 1959. $8.00

Tausend Jahre Wie Ein Tag, Elisabeth Hartenstein, 1960, hb w/dj, German. $8.00

Hidden Heart of Baja, Erle Stanley Gardner, 256pp, hb w/dj, $15.00

On the Track of Prehistoric Man, Herbert Kuhn, 211pp, pb, $3.00

Palaeolithic Cave Art, Ucko & Rosenfeld, 256pp, pb, 1967, $5.00

Rock Pictures of Europe, Herbert Kuhn, 1956, hb w/dj, $15.00

Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California, Heizer and Baumhoff, 412pp, 1962, pb, $50.00

Primitive Hearths in the Pyrenees; the story of a summer's exploration in the haunts of prehistoric man, by Sawtell and Treat, First Edition, 1927, Two American women archaeologists account of the summer of 1925 exploring Spanish and French caves searching for evidence of Neanderthal and early Homo sapien remains. 307pp, 86 pen and ink drawings, $18.00

Early Man in the New World, Macgowan and Hester, pb, 333pp, 1962. $3.00

The Seven Caves, Carleton S. Coon, 338pp, hb w/dj, "high adventure with a great anthropologist as he digs for the secrets of man's past. $8.00

Early Man in Europe, Charkes Rau, 162pp, wood engravings, 1876, hb, binding worn. $15.00

The Abbe Breuil Prehistorian; a biography, Alan H. Brodrick, 256pp, hb w/dj. $7.00

The Rock Paintings of Southern Africa:Volume one, The White Lady of the Brandberg, Abbe Henri Breuil, 1955, oversized fully illustrated, 31pp, 17 pages of plates. $100.00

Alt-Palaolithikum mit Blatt-Typen, Obermaier & Wernert, 1929, sold with; Palaolithbeitrage aus Nordbayern, 1914, both wraps in poor condition, minor water stains, $25.00

Cave Explorations in Iran 1949, Carleton S. Coon, 125pp, pb, dirty cover, internal good. $25.00

Cliff Dwellings of the Mesa Verde, A Story in Pictures, Don Watson, 52pp, 1953. $6.00

Rough Stone Monuments and their Builders, T. Eric Peet, 1912, 172pp, illus. About things like Stonehenge. hb, $15.00

Cave Art Fiction

The Cave of the Great Hunters;How Four Boys Discover an Ice Age Cave-The cradle of Man's Art, Hans Baumann, 159pp, 1954, hb w/dj. $8.00

Cave Mystery; A Boys' story of the Spanish Pyrenees, Williamson, 313pp, ex lib, lib bound, pages browning, 1942. $5.00

Little Magic Painter; A story of the Stone Age, Muriel Fellows, 112pp, hb w/dj, 1938, color illus. $6.00

The Beast in the Cave, Mary Alice Phillips, 182pp, hb w/dj, illus. 1959. VG. $6.00

Other Rare Or Limited Titles; U.S. & International
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index
Do you need additional information? We will gladly answer questions. Please inquire about any title you cannot find. We have many out of print books not listed here.

Bound Course Text for Practical Karst Hydrogeology With Emphasis On Ground-Water Monitoring. February 8-11 1994, Gainesville, Fl.
One 3 1/2 inch ring binder volumes with all course material including lecture outlines and related articles. Featuring James Quinlan, Tom Aley, Ralph Ewers, Peter Huntoon and William Wilson. Many additional authors included. Used. One available. $45.00

Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California, 267pp, "Illustrated by 105 well executed Engravings", includes several caves. 1862, hb with embossed binding. Corners worn, binding tight. Very early for a western printed book. $250.00

Cave Hunting By W. Boyd Dawkins, 1874, 455pp, Internal very clean. Binding banged at corners but tight. Much better condition then we usually find these. $150.00

Underground or Life Below the Surface, Thomas Knox, green and gilt binding, rubbed but better than most copies we have seen. 1883, 1016pp. $50.00

Le laboratoire Souterrain, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 1954, 23pp plus fold out map. $6.00

Internationale Bibliographie Fur Spelaologie Jahr 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1957, By Hubert Trimmel, 6 volumes for one price, pb, between 50 to 100 pages each, pb. $75.00

Les Karsts du Nord-ouest de L'Europe et de Quelques Regions de Comparaison, Etude sur Le Role du Climat Das l'Erosion Des Calcaires, By Jean Corbel, 1957, 540pp plus plates, pb. $65.00

Cave Regions of the Ozarks, Luella Agnes Owen, Missouri Speleology Vol 10, #2, Reprint, 86pp, pb, $5.00

Caving Episodes of Underground Expoloration
by Ernest A. Baker, 1932, black cloth binding, spine and corners rubbed, Internal clean, general condition good. $58.00

Theoretische Spelåologie
by Georg Kyrle, 1923. Blind stamp of previous owner on title page, spine chipped, tables and end paper loose, clean internally. PB, 353pp with fold out tables at back. $35.00

Texas Show Caves
Jerry and Dorothy Sinise, 1983, 86pp, Seven Texas show caves. Front cover badly skuffed with hole in center. $4.00

Camera Magazine, 1951,
"Take your Camera Underground" By George F. Jackson. 8 pages of text and photos (see rollover). Great early cave photography item. $12.00

Kenton Worthy's Cave; or How it Brought Him His Fortune by Colonel Baldwin,
1888. A "Penny dreadful". 64pp, illus. with wood engravings. $10.00

Cartes Geolmorphologiques De Karsts Typiques, 1968-1978.
Published for the International Congress in Kentucky 1981. By the Association Francaise De Karstologie. Large maps of French Karst regions. $38.00

On Guizhou Karst, Vol 1, 1988, fair, Ed Yang Hankui, 103pp, pb,$35.00

Cave Formation in Northern England, Paul Hindle, VG, 36pp, 1980, $15.00

Guidelines for Cave and Karst Protection, 53pp, VG, pb, $35.00

Acta Carsologia #35/1 2006, $35.00

Acta Carsologia #35/2 2006, Special issue on conservation and management $35.00

Radiant Darkness: The Wonderful World of Caves. Bogli and Franke, 1967. cloth, 1st, dj torn, spine dirty, $20.00

Underground Worlds. Donald D. Jackson, 1982. good, cloth $14.00

Speleology: The Study of Caves. Moore and Nicholas, 1964. $4.00

Exploring America Underground. Charles E. Moore, 1964. (in NGS magazine) $4.00

The Story of Caves. Dorothy Sterling, 1966. pb $3.00

My Daddy Was a Caver. O.M. Wisdom, good, some fading, 1970. $6.00

Exploring the Endless Caverns of New Market Virginia in the Heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Endless Caverns, 1926. 48 pp, pb $6.00

Smithsonian Reports and More Archaeology
Rare & Out Of Print Book Index

Archaeology of Kauai, Wendell Clark Bennett, Bishop Museum, 1931, vg, pb, 156pp plus plates $150.00

Archaeology of Oahu, J. Gilbert McAllister, Bishop Museum, 1933, vg, pb, 201pp plus plates $150.00

Skeletal Remains Suggesting or Attributed to Early Man in North America, Ales Hrdlicka, 1907, hb, Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #33, 98pp plus plates, $10.00

Antiquities of Central and South-Eastern Missouri, Gerard Fowke, 116pp, hb, 1910, Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #37. $10.00

The Physiography of the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico in Relation to Pueblo Culture, Hewett et al, 77pp, 1913, hb, Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #54, $10.00

Early Man in South America, Hrdlicka, 405pp, 1912, hb. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #52, $15.00

Archeological Investigations, Gerard Fowke,Contains : Cave Explorations in the Ozark Region of Central Missouri, Cave Explorations in Other States; Explorations Along the Missouri River Bluffs in Kansas and Nebraska, Aboriginal House Mounds, Archeoloical Work in Hawaii. 204pp, hb. 1922, Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #76. $25.00

Archeological Observations North of the Rio Colorado, Neil M. Judd, 169pp, hb, 1926. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #82. $25.00

An Archaeological Survey of the Norris Basin In Eastern Tennessee, William S. Webb, 398pp, pb, 1938,Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin #118. $60.00

The Pleistocene Vertebrate Fauna From Cumberland Cave Maryland, Gidley & Gazin, 99pp, pb, 1938, United State National Museum Bulletin 171. $22.00

Annual Report of the Smithsonian 1910, 688pp, hb. $10.00

Annual Report of the Smithsonian 1947, 471pp, hb. (has some bat articles) $10.00

Annual Report of the Smithsonian 1954, 455pp, hb. $10.00

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