Deep In Caves And Caverns
Famous caves at home and abroad. By L. &G. Poole, 1962, 158pp, hb/dj. $18.00

Karst In China
Oversized picture book with message from Mao. English, 1976, 196pp, hb/dj. $45.00

The History Of Mendip Caving
Cave exploration in this popular area. By Peter johnson, 1967, 196pp, hb/dj. $26.00

The World Of Caves
English edition of a German general caving book. By Anton Jubke, 1958, hb w/dj. $38.00

Trapped: The Story of Floyd Collins
By Robert K. Murray & Roger W. Brucker. Original first edition, new, not pre-owned, of this collectable title. 1972, hb. with dust jacket $25.00

Climbing Blind
By Colette Richard, intro by Casteret. Blind woman who learns to cave & climb. 159pp, 1965, hb, DJ. $20.00

The Life Of The Cave
By Mohr and Poulson, a classic book. 232pp, 1966, hb, no/dj $20.00

The Complete Book Of Cave Exploration
By Roy Pinney, 256pp,1962, w/dj $16.00,
no/dj $15.00

British Caving
Edited by C.H.D.Cullingford, 592pp, 1953, hb, w/dj $38.00

Discovery At The Rio Camuy
By R. & J. Gurnee, 183pp, 1973, DJ. $28.00

Caves And The Marvelous World Beneath Us
By Marc Jasinski. 95pp, 1964, dj. $12.00

Blind White Fish In Persia
By A. Smith, 256pp, 1953, hb. w/dj $12.00