The Albany-Schoharie Cave Rescue Team in conjunction with Scho-Wright Ambulance and Gallupville Fire Company will sponsor an NCRC Weekend Orientation to Cave Rescue Seminar in Schoharie County New York on September 27/28, 2008. The registration fee is $40.00 per person, which includes classes, coffee breaks, lunches, and dinner Saturday night.

For those not familiar with the National Cave Rescue Commission weekend seminar, the goal is to give EMS, fire dept., (paid or volunteer), rescue squad, police, (state or local), county sheriff and emergency management personnel, as well as local cavers, an overview of and some limited hands-on experience with cave rescue operations, management and requirements. The weekend course is not designed to make "hero rescue teams" out of anyone. One of the major goals is to get all these groups familiar with each other, their knowledge and equipment, thus promoting inter-cooperation among all. Experience has generally shown that in the event of a real cave rescue emergency, the more prior contact among all parties, the better the coordination at the scene.

The weekend course provides an introduction to the materials presented and skills developed during the NCRC week-long Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminars. Those wishing to become skilled in cave rescue operations are encouraged the take the NCRC week-long seminar. We would be very pleased to have participants from your local organization attend this seminar. Since the seminar is designed not only for experienced cavers but also for non-cavers and novices, it may be a good opportunity to introduce neophytes in your local area to some of the basic techniques involved in safe caving. Below is an application for interested individuals. Feel free to reproduce it. Please announce this seminar in your upcoming newsletters as well as at your general meetings, and sent in your registration forms with checks as soon as possible. Space in the program is limited. All registrants will receive a schedule, detailed information sheet and directions as soon as a registration and check is received. If you have any questions please contact;

Emily Davis
P0 Box 10
Schoharie NY 12157-0010
(518) 295-7978

Please send all applications, with checks made payable to Northeast Region of the NCRC, to Emily Davis.


Name _____________________________________ Home Phone _________________

email_______________________ Work Phone _________________




Previous Cave Rescue Experience ____________________________________________


Medical Background: Dr. _____ Nurse _____ Paramedic _____ EMT _____

First Responder _____ AFT _____ CPR _____ Other _____________ None ____

Caving Background: None _____ Some _____ A lot _____ Vertical _____

Details of above_____________________________________________________________


Physical Condition (Any problems, limitations)


You will be sent an equipment list and directions after payment is received. Make Checks for $40.00 payable to Northeast Regional NCRC

Registrations should be returned by September 18. Late registrations will be accepted on a space available basis. Space in the course is limited.

I, the undersigned, do understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for any damage or injury incurred by myself or my sponsoring group. I do hereby acknowledge that I must be covered by insurance provided by myself or my sponsoring group.

I further acknowledge that I alone will be responsible for any action, injury or consequences incurred by myself. I will not hold anyone else responsible including but not restricted to the National Speleological Society, National Cave Rescue Commission, Helderburg Hudson Grotto, Albany Schoharie Cave Rescue Team, fire departments, instructors, land owners, cave owners, support personnel, or any others associated with this course.