Carbide Light; The Last Flame in American Mines
A spectacular book with equally high quaility text and illustrations (multiple illustrations on almost every page). Well researched and produced. A must for any collector of mining lights. By Dave Thorpe, 2006, 248pp, hb. $80.00

De Re Mettalica
The first book on mining based on field research and observation. 1950 Dover reprint of the 1912 H.C. Hoover & L.H. Hoover translation. By Georgius Agricola, 638pp,pb. $29.95

American Miners' Carbide Lamps
A fully illustrated book which includes not only lamps but lamp advertising & patent information. By Greg S. Clemmer. 1987, (Reprinted in 1997)136pp. hb. $25.00

The Miner's Flame Light Book
A massive tome which has more information on this subject than I've ever seen before. Hundreds of illustrations, By Henry A.Pohs, 867 pp, hb, I995 . $85.00