The Protection of Karst Waters
Detailed review of different methods with proposals for new methodology. By Natasa Ravbar, 2007, 254pp, pb. $38.00

Proceedings of the 17th National Cave and Karst Management Sumposium
Held October 31 to November 4, 2005. 260 pages of abstracts and full papers from the most recent symposium. 2006, pb. $22.00. PDF on CD $7.00

Cave Conservation and Restoration
Long awaited National Speleological Society manual on best available methods for protection of cave resources. Part One describes current concepts and practices in cave conservation. Identifying/protecting cave resources. Establishing limits. Monitoring impacts. Defining management standards. Improving ethics. Part Two covers tools and proven methods for cave restoration and speleothem repair. Cleaning cave features. Removing artificial fill and debris. Controlling organic nuisances. Organizing cave projects. Repairing speleothems. See Speleobooks at OTR, the Cave and Karst Conservancies Forum, Fall VAR, or TAG Fall Cave-In for your copy. Or order online today! $33.00

Proceedings of Bat Gate Design: A Technical Interactive Forum
The most current ideas and discussions available on the subject from the forum held in Austin Texas in 2002. Sections including: Why We Protect Mines and Caves, Project Planning, Closure Design, Construction management, Monitoring and Maintenance. In addition survey results, forum participants recomendations and extended transcripts of recorded discussion from sessions are included. A comprehensive work edited by Vories, Throgmorton and Harrington. Hosted by Bat Conservation International, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of Interior Office of Surface Mining. Numerous charts and illustrations. Softbound. 434pp. $18.00

Underground Britain - Legal & Insurance Issues
BCRA Studies Series #12, in collaboration with the National Caving Association. A British guide to legal and insurance issues for those who visit caves, mines and other underground features. By David Judson. 40pp. pb., 2003. Updated and revised 2006. $8.00

Recommendations and Guidelines for Managing Caves on Protected Lands
A manual prepared to provide guidance for managers of protected lands that fall under the Federal Cave Resource Protection Act of 1988, which should also be of use to anyone involved with managing caves owned by land trusts, states or private organizations. Published by the KWI. 2003, 96 pp., pb. $16.00

Project Underground
A Natural Resources Education Guide, Second Edition

Classroom activities about caves and related karst regions. Emphasizing biological, geological, hydrological and historical diversities and values. Edited by Carol Zokaites, 130 pp, 2000, pb. $25.00

The National Cave Management Symposium Proceedings
These proceedings are used throughout the country by cave managers & conservationists.
1981 International, 171pp pb. $10.00
1982 119pp, pb. $7.50
1984 $5.00
1989 157pp, pb. $10.00
1991 405pp, pb. $20.00
1993 357pp, pb. $10.00
1995 318pp, pb. $10.00
1997 250pp, pb. $10.00
1999 221pp., pb. $16.50
Other years occassionally available. Inquire.

National Cave & Karst Management Sypmposium Proceedings
The papers presented at the 2001 Management meetings. 194 pp, $18.00
On a CD $8.50

14th National Cave & Karst Management Symposium Proceedings; Living with Caves and Karst
The proceedings for the meeting held in Chattanooga Tenn. October 1999. Over 50 articles by some of the countries most prominent cave and karst managers. 221pp, pb, 2001. Reprinted, 2002. $16.50

1997 Karst & Cave Management Symposium Proceedings: October 7-10 1997
Abstracts and papers. 1999, pb, 250pp, $10.00

A Study For The NSS: Knox Cave
A detailed study in cave management with applications to caves worldwide. Bulletin #3 of the New York Cave Survey. By Robert P.Addis, 139pp, illus., 1979, pb. $8.00