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Home In the Cave
Baby Bat loves his cave home and never wants to leave it. While practicing flapping his wings one night, he falls, and Pluribus Packrat rescues him. They then explore the deepest, darkest corners of the cave where they meet amazing animals...animals that don't need eyes to see or colors to hide from enemies. Baby Bat learns how important bats are to the cave habitat and how other cave-living critters rely on them for their food. Will Baby Bat finally venture out of the cave to help the other animals? Written by Janet Halfmann Illustrated by Shennen Bersani 32 pg, ages 4-9. HB $17.95, SB $9.95

Little Bat Finger Puppet
A cute board book with a batty finger puppet in the middle. $6.99

The Bat Scientists (Scientists in the Field)
Dr. Merlin Tuttle and his colleagues at Bat Conservation International at work. Bats fly the night skies in nearly every part of the world, but they are the least studied of all mammals. As the major predator of night-flying insects, bats eat many pests. Unfortunately bats are facing many problems, including a terrifying new disease. White-nose Syndrome is infecting and killing millions of hibernating bats in North America. But Dr. Tuttle, with the help of his fellow bat scientists are in the trenches--and caves--on the front line of the fight to save their beloved bats. For ages 10+. By Mary Kay Carson with photographs by Tom Uhlman. Hb, 80pp. $18.99

Bats at the Ball Game
The third in a great series of kids books. The bat vendors sell Mothdogs. They sing "Hang me up in the rafters, Hang me up by the toes, buy me some beenuts and Cricket Jack". By Brian Leis. Age 3 up, 2010, 32pp, hb. $16.99

Little Red Bat
The life of a red bat dealing with seasonal changes. Fictionalized, by Carole Gerber, facts and general information at the end of the story. Ages 4-8, 32pp, pb. $8.95

Bats at the Library
Join the free-for-all fun at the public library with these book-loving bats! Shape shadows on walls, frolic in the water fountain, and roam the book-filled halls until it's time for everyone, young and old, to settle down into the enchantment of story time. Brian Lies' joyful critters and their nocturnal celebration cast library visits in a new light. Even the youngest of readers will want to join the batty book-fest! HB, 32pp. 2008. $16.00

Bats at the Beach/Library Plush Bat
The lead character from some of our favorite books, the delightful Bats At... series. Coming this fall will be Bats at the Ball Game. Wing span 13", good for all ages. $15.00

Bats at the Beach
The best batty bedtime story in years. Bats of many species pack up their picnic baskets for a little beach time fun. Don't forget the moon-tan lotion! Great illustrations and delightful verse. A read aloud or very early reader. Written and illustrated by Brian Lies, 2006, 30pp, hb. $16.00

The Secret of Priest's Grotto
The remarkable story of survival by Jewish families in a cave in the Ukraine. Although this is presented as a children's book, we consider it a book for everyone interested in history or human survival. Highly reccommended by the Speleobooks staff. By Peter Lane Taylor and Christos Nicola, Grade 5 up, 2007, Hb $18.95, pb $8.95

Into The Volcano
A graphic adventure novel for middle school readers in which brothers travel to a volcanic island and end up in an underground fantasy world created by Hawaiian citizen & author Don Woods, based in part on vulcanism of the big island and in part on a VERY active imagination. 175 pp., hb., 2008. $18.99

Cave Detectives; Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave
The story of discovery and paleontological story of Riverbluff Cave. A great early science book for 3-5 grade. By David L. Harrison, hb, 48pp, hb. $15.95

Red Bat at Sleepy Hollow Lane
A large format pb for early readers or read aloud. Part of a series developed by the National Museum of Natural History. By Janet Halfmann. $6.95

A Fruit Bat called Angelica
A year in the life of a South African bat. Beautifully illustrated classic book by Sandie Sowler. 1993, pb. $10.00

The Hawaiian Bat
A childrens book about the shy and solitary Hawaiian hoary bat, so rare most people have never seen one. By Coste, with illustrations by Maxner. Lots of details and a glossary, color illustrations. 2005, 32 pp, hb. $12.95

Looking For Lola
Jack the shepherd has lost his goat, cavers help to find her. A great adventure picture book from Speleo Projects for the read-to or early reader ages. Adults will enjoy sharing or having this delightful caver story, too! $12.95

Gray Bat
Why are Gray Bats endangered? What is being done about it? Where do they live? By Theodorou, early reader, 2001, 32pp, pb. $6.50

Griffin, a newborn, is sucked down a fissure into the earth. Continuation of the Silverwing bat narrative. 2003, 272pp, hb. $17.00

Further adventures of Shade, our bat hero. Great novel for age 8 up. By Kenneth Oppel, 2000, pb, $5.99, hb. $17.00

Kids Discover Bats DVD
This BCI feature item combines live action footage with clever animation to bring the world of bats into your home or classroom. 22 minutes, 2000. DVD. $16.00