Gunung Buda is the northern part of a high, narrow limestone ridge in the northwestern part of the island of Borneo. British cavers discovered and explored the largest cave passages and largest cave room in the world in other parts of the ridge during the late seventies and early eighties. An American expedition in 1995 was the first to extensively explore Gunung Buda for caves, and its findings were written up in Caves of Gunung Buda, published in 1996 and reviewed in the December 1996 NSS News. This new report is similar in format and equally well produced. A foldout and the covers contain color photographs, and small black-and-white photos appear throughout.

This expedition added over 12 kilometers of mapped passage to caves begun during the previous expedition, and they mapped about 12 kilometers in new caves. Green Cathedral Cave was connected to Upper Turtle Cave; I wish there was a least a line plot to illustrate this 20-kilometer system. But there are nine well-drawn maps of other caves. The bulk of the text is narratives of exploration and discovery, the sort of thing most interesting to the caver, but there are also short sections on biology and geology. There are minor glitches like the photograph that is claimed to show someone who is not in the list of participants. (This is what editors are for.) But generally the report is well put together and a good value.

From the NSS News, February 1999