"Huautla: Thirty Years In One Of The World’s Deepest Caves is a story told by a caver who participated in one of the great adventures in the world of speleology, a caver who is an explorer in the grand sense of that word and who seems to never falter or take a step backward unless he can gain ten steps forward. The book begins with the story of an incident that speaks of endurance and overcoming great odds to achieve a goal, which sets the tone for the rest of the book - endurance in the face of almost overwhelming odds. "

" In the first paragraph author Bill Steele, a member of the venerable New York Explorers Club, wants you to know that the members of the team exploring the Huautla Cave System, (at the time of this writing, at -4,838 feet (1475 meters) the second deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere) had disagreements that were not always easily resolved. When faced with the reality of being trapped hundreds of feet down in an unforgiving environment with seemingly no hope of assistance, the first order of business was to put aside differences, take inventory, and formulate a plan of attack to resolve their predicament. "

" This is a tale of people who are not spectators in life but who are caught squarely in the grip of demon adventure. Much the same as there are caves referred to as “caver’s caves”, as you read Bill Steele’s new book you will recognize in its pages a real “caver’s book”. He does not give you time to rest between descriptions of the series of trips that pushed the Huautla system to limits that resulted in its becoming known not only as a world class deep cave but also as one of the world’s truly great caves. "

- Ron Kerbo, Author of The Hidden World of Caves

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