Axis Mundi
A unique expedition into the inner jungles of Yucatan
Pixnat Film by Nathalie Lasselin, 2009

For 10 years Curt Bowen has been going back to the middle of the jungle in the Yucatan, visiting unexplored cenotes, to rediscover the Mayan civilization.

Axis Mundi follows the daily life of the cave diving team as they search relentlessly for artifacts in an unfriendly environment. During the course of 10 days, the authorized expedition conducts a survey then maps and inventories cenotes as well as ancient Mayan pottery and skeletons.
As the team goes on a path never before traveled, they never know what they may face.

Axis mundi:
The axis mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar and center of the world) is a symbol representing the point of connection between sky and earth. It offers means of travel and correspondence between the two realms. It is also the place where the four compass directions unite, allowing treasure from heaven to be disseminated throughout the world. This places it at the center of the world: the world’s point of beginning.

Nathalie Lasselin, founder of Pixnat, is an award-winning director who produces high quality underwater documentaries which focus on sharing the amazing fragile treasures of our world. She is a full cave diver- trimix evolution rebreather diver and a diving instructor. She produced and directed the cave diving film „Facing Darkness“.

Pixnat Film by Nathalie Lasselin, 2009 Axis Mundi
A unique expedition into the inner jungles of Yucatan

DVD: All zones(code-free)/toutes zones, Documentary/Documentaire, 52min, Widescreen, Dolby 5.1

Bonus: photos, rushes, trailers, director.