Karst Hydrology: Concepts from the Mammoth Cave Area

The enclosed CD-ROM contains a scanned version of the complete 1989 book, Karst Hydrology: Concepts from the Mammoth Cave Area, editted by W.B. White and E.L. White. The digital files are in pdf (tiff) format, and can be viewed on a computer using free Adobe Acrobat software and printed in part or in whole.

The south-central Kentucky karst, explored in this volume, is a superb example of a shallow, intensely karsted, carbonate aquifer unit. This is the first comprehensive book on a karst aquifer system in the United States. It offers a complete review of the Mammoth Cave area in hydrological terms, with cave systems described for their hydraulic geometry and their hydrologic role in the drainage system.

The 346 pages include 12 chapters by these authors: William B. White, Elizabeth L. White, John W. Hess, Stephen G. Wells, James F. Quinlan, Ralph O. Ewers, Thomas A. Brucker, Angelo I. George, George H. Deike III, and Arthur N. Palmer.