Paleokarst: A systematic and regional view

The enclosed CD-ROM contains a scanned version of the complete book as files in pdf (tiff) format. The book contains 725 pages and 38 chapters, including:

• Jerzy Glazek, Pavel Bosák and Derek C. Ford, Paleokarst as a Problem
• Yves Quinif, Paleokarst of Belgium
• Pál Müller, Hydrothermal Paleokarst of Hungary
• Rostislav Alekseevich Tsykin, Paleokarst of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
• Zhang Shouyue, Paleokarst of China
• Derek C. Ford, Paleokarst of Canada
• Margaret V. Palmer and Arthur N. Palmer, Paleokarst of the United States
• György Bárdossy, Bauxites
• Yves Fuchs, Paleokarst-related Uranium Deposits
• Adolfo Eraso, Paleokarst in Civil Engineering
• Ivan Horácek and László Kordos, Biostratigraphic Investigations in Paleokarst