Caves in lava are literally born of fire, from volcanic eruptions that send glowing, molten lava pouring down the sides of volcanoes. They are found around the world in areas where volcanoes have been active. Lava tubes almost certainly exist on our moon and on Mars, where recent satellite imagery showed what appear to be giant openings into lava tubes. Indeed, tubes may become the first shelters for humans establishing outposts on these worlds, offering protection from extremes in temperature and cosmic rays.

Unlike Solution caves, which take tens of thousands to millions of years to form, lava tubes can form in a manner of months, although their active periods can go on for many years as new flows find and use existing tubes as conduits.

The purpose of this book is two-fold. First, it is a reference book on the formation of lava tubes and the types of things found in them. Second, it is a resource for people who want to see lava tube caves on their own by illustrating some of the many fine lava tubes on public and private lands. This book will give you a better appreciation of the beauty to be found in this relatively unknown realm wrought by the power of volcanoes.