Table of Contents
1 Sloth Remains from North American Caves and Associated Karst Features

2 The Late Wisconsin Vertebrate History of Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska

3 Arvicoline Rodents from Screaming Neotoma Cave, Southern Colorado Plateau, Apache County, Arizona, with Comments on the Pleistocene Biogeography of Lemmiscus curtatus

4 Late Pleistocene Faunas from Caves in the Eastern Grand Canyon, Arizona

5 Pleistocene Tapir from Hill Top Cave, Trigg County, Kentucky, and a Review of Plio-Pleistocene Tapirs of North America and Their Paleoecology

6 Paleoecological Interpretation of Late Holocene and Late Pleistocene Micromammal Faunules from Duhme Cave, Eastern Iowa

7 A Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Mammalian Fauna from Little Beaver Cave, Central Ozarks, Missouri

8 A History of Paleontological Investigations of Quaternary Cave Deposits on the Edwards Plateau, Central Texas

9 Mammalian Fauna and Paleomagnetics of the Middle Irvingtonian (Early Pleistocene) Fyllan Cave and Kitchen Door Localities, Travis County, Texas

10 A Preliminary Report of the Late Quaternary Mammal Fauna from Loltun Cave, Yucatan, Mexico

11 Caves and the Pleistocene Vertebrate Paleontology of Mexico