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Goofy Plush Bat Magnet
A brown plush bat magnet with a 5" wingspan. $3.00 each

Fuzzy Brown Bat Magnet
Soft and fuzzy, 10 inch wingspan with three strong magnets. $7.00

Magnetic Cave Scene Photo Holder
A cave scene with bats on a three dimensional rubber picture frame. A fantastic custom item from Speleobooks. Insert your own small photo. Both a sturdy swing stand for table top use and a large magnet for mounting on metal surface are included. 3 by 4 inches. $4.50

Born To Cave Wild Fridge Magnet
Secure grocery lists for home or gear lists for you next expedition under the edge of this caver classic. $2.50

Goofy Flexible Bat Magnet
Molded 5 1/2 inch figure. We've all had days like this. $5.00

Black Bat Licorice Magnet
Ceramic, 3 inches. $6.00
Metal, 2 inches. $3.50

"Ding" Bat Magnet
Don't make us explain. $3.00

Key Rings & Zipper Pulls
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Bead Art Key Ring
A black bead keyring with an additional clip. 2.5" wingspan.

Tagua Nut Carving Key Ring
A fair trade item, hand carved, 1.5" high. $12.00

Ice Bat Key Chain
Ugly Doll Icebat as a 4" plush key chain. Order in Black or Green. $6.00

I Love Caving Key Chain
Another Speleobooks original design. Three dimensional rubber scene. Choose from Red, Blue or Yellow strap. You may also specify Red, Blue or Gold link. $4.50

Laser Cut Wooden Key Ring - 2” with a heavy chain hanging from the side. $4.00

Pewter Flying Fox Key Ring $15.00

Wind Chimes and Mobiles
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Recycled Aluminum Windchime
24 inches, with 5 bats. $17.99

Mini Bat Kite
21 by 9 inches. Durable ripstop nylon, fiberglass frame. Streamer tail. Simple assembly. $6.00

Sparrow Bat Kite
Paper and bamboo traditional chinese style decorative kite with five lucky bats. Six by seven inches. In a gift box. $12.00

African Style Glass Beadwork Hanging Bat
With a seven inch wingspan. $16.00

Pewter Bats $20.00

Carved Wooden Bat Windchime
25 Inches. $14.00

Mugs, Cups & Kitchen
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Mugs & glasses shipped only within the U.S.

Ding Bat Desert Plate
Just the thing for custom cookie, pie and cake service. 8 inch plastic. $7.00

Bite Me Bat Pot Holder
Avoid oven burns in style with this fabric potholder. $8.00

Batty Apron
Full sized cloth apron with adjustable straps that says "love the cook"...in a very batty way. $18.00

Full Color Bats Mug
The Bats of North America shirt design wrapped on a mug. Great detail, with 8 species pictured. $8.00

Speleobooks Bats Flying Through A Cave Coffee Mug
The "classic". Ceramic coffee mug with handle in Light Blue, Beige, Pink, Dark Blue, Yellow, Chocolate Brown, & Purple $6.50

Bats Tumbler
Small tumbler. 8 ozs. $5.00 each or $17.00 set of 4

Full Color Caver Vision Mug
The Caver Vision shirt design wrapped on a mug. $8.00

Shot Glasses With Molded Bat
Purple Goofy Bat. $4.00 each.

Little Brown Bat Mug
A white mug with black and yellow printing. A bat in the moonlight on the front and simple bat facts on the back. $5.00

Mugs & glasses shipped only within the U.S.

Bat's Brew Hot Sauce
As described in Dave Barry's column featuring Speleobooks from several years ago (we're not making this up), a wonderful fiery flavor of habenero and jalapeno pepper hot sauce from Speleobooks by way of Louisiana. Six ounce bottle $4.00, 1.7 oz. size $2.00

Extra Large Bat Cookie Cutters
9 inches with recipe card. $4.00

Tin Cookie Cutters
To use or hang w/ribbon. Outline of a bat. 4" size@ $2.00 , 2 1/2" size@ $2.00 each. Either size $20.00 per dozen

Toy & Flexible Bat Figures
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Wind Up Bat Toy
Pull backwards and watch it roll with flapping wings. Hours of entertainment, we suppose. $3.50

Bat Mask

Dress right for your next party or just let the inner bat fly with this fun, happy bat face mask. Generous enough size for adults. One sure non-toxic way to keep biting insects fleeing in terror. Thirteen inch wingspan. Made of durable foam. $5.00

Colorful Sand Bats
Varied colors and designs. 7 inches across. $4.00

Micro Bats
Tiny phthalate and lead free bats, buy an entire colony. Bats sold indvidually @ 50 cents each.

Realistic Rubber Bats from Germany
High quality painted rubber bats. Medium and large sizes have cords on the back.
Large 9 1/2 inch wingspan. $6.00
Medium 5 1/2 inch wingspan $5.00

Tiny Rubber Bat from Germany
Black bat with yellow eyes. 2 inch wingspan. $1.00 cents each

Pens, Desktop & Household
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Hand Crafted Bat Kitchen Clock
Made in the USA by a northeast regional artist specializing in fanciful sculptures/clocks made from common items. $110.00

Gel Gems

Light up Gem Lights
Six window cling bats with led lights and lithium batteries included. $16.00

Bat Dice Game
Extensive bat facts sheet accompanies instructions. Each player rolls five dice to deterimine how many and what kind of insects are eaten each "hour" of the match. Winner has the biggest night out in ten "feeding" turns. $5.00

Caves & Bats "Holiday Stocking" Arpilleras
Fabric art from Peru, with a peaceful valley night scene depicting a cave in the hillside with an overflight of bats. 12 inches tall. $36.00

Batty Coat Hooks (Returning to stock in the Spring) $12.00

Avant Bat card or photo holder
Holds photos or business card in a 1.5" high 3" wide bat. $3.00 each

Brushkin Hanging Bat
Cute and realistic bat made of all natural materials. Tail to ear 4". Feet are hooks so he can be hung almost anywhere. Currently out of stock. $12.00

Doodle Frame Picture Holder
Decorative desk ornament holds photo or notes, features tree hanging bats. 5 inches high. $10.00

Bat Friendly Book Charms
Pick Style A or B. Each on a ribbon to serve as bookmark. $10.00

Speleobooks Custom Oak Bat Shelf Brackets
Crafted just for Speleobooks. Bat has eleven inch wing span. Sturdy shelf bracket designed to hold 12 inch shelf. Clear finish leaves beauty of wood visible. Rounded edges. Predrilled for counter sunk screws and wooden screw covers (provided). Complete installation package and instructions. $20.00 each or $38.00 a pair

Home Decor Featuring Bats. Each item is powder coated milled steel. Each custom made with specialized bat design. The switch covers links and wall hook (left) illustrate the beautifully designed bats on each.

Single Switch Cover $14.00
Double Switch Cover $18.00
Triple Switch Cover $30.00
Wall Single Hook $14.00
Towel Rack, 14" $38.00
Towel Rack , 18" $48.00
Toilet Paper Holder $30.00

Tin Bat on Magnet Frame $6.00

Wooden Inlay Cave and Bat Scene Keepsake Box
Size Small, 1 by 1 1/2 by 2 inches. $15.99 Holiday Sale $12.00
Size Medium, 1 3/8 by 2 3/8 by 3 1/2 inches. $26.99 Holiday Sale $19.00

Flexible Winged Bat Pens
Wooden Chilean craft bat as a pen. $5.00 Clearance $2.00 Ink not guaranteed, uses common refill.

Cave Scene Photo Holder
A cave scene with bats on a three dimensional rubber picture frame. A fantastic custom item from Speleobooks. Insert your own small photo. Both a sturdy swing stand for table top use and a large magnet for mounting on metal surface are included. 3 by 4 inches. $4.50

Vampire Bat Pencil Sharpener

Bat Balm
For lips and more. 8 ml. beeswax and petroleum jelly. Handy key ring fastener on dispenser. $4.00

Primal Elements Handmade Bat Soap
Every bar is over 190g and is scented with citrus oils. $6.50 Clearance $4.00

Caver Float Pen
Cavers crawl through a cave.
"Crawl Til you Bawl" on back $2.50

Bat Pencil
Orange pencils with black bats. $0.25

Bat Eraser Cap
Fits over the end
of a pencil. $.50 ea.

Bats On An Ink Roller $3.50
First Class Bat Mail Rubber Stamp$6.50

Figurines, Sculptures, Art Prints & Tiles
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Balance Bats Moving Sculpture
A fantastic sculpture with flying bats perched on a stand. Good for indoors or out. 23" high with a wing span of 14". $59.00 ($10.00 shipping for this item)

Garden Moon & Bats Weather Vane
Mounts in the ground. 18" cast bats & moon mounted above cast cardinal compass points. A durable garden or yard sculpture. Also available as a roof mountable unit. Specify when ordering. $59.00 ($12.00 shipping for this item)

Fine Art Reproductions by Lois Manno
High quality fine art at affordable prices. Digital prints on foamcore backing panel, shrink wrapped. Signed by the artist, with authenticity card. Size 10 by 12 inches. Order by name. $30.00 Each. Read Lois Manno's new book: Visions Underground, Carlsbad Caverns Through the Artist's Eye

"Evening Bat Flight"

"Lake Of The Clouds, Carlsbad Caverns"


Flying Bat Gourd Plate
A carved and burned gourd bottom with a string for hanging.  Individually created by artists in Peru.  $32.00

Cavern Bat Sculpture
Inlay wood, 4 inches high. $18.00
Junkyard Bats Hanging Sculpture
3 by 6 inch copper color $20.00
Natural Metal finish $18.00

Oaxacan Carved Bat
Traditional Mexican folk art bat. Each is similar to the sample shown, but each will be varied in appearance and color. Hand carved and painted. Fourteen inches tall. $150.00

Small Oaxacan Bat
A tiny carving, also similar to sample shown yet varied in color and appearance. Three inch wingspan. $16.00

Stone Open Wing Bat
Made in Peru, About one inch. $3.00

Netsuke Bats
Hand carved ironwood figures in traditional styles. Several different versions to collect. Each is three dimensional, with a small set of holes for use on a cord. Each approximately 1 1/2 inches. (Style 7 shown). $23.00

Bat Netsuke Style One
Bat Netsuke Style Three
Bat Netsuke Style Five
Baty Netsuke Style Nine

Caving Bat Flasher
A 2.5"high sculpture with all exposed! Made in Italy. Really Fun. $15.00

Fossil Bat Skeleton Casting
Quality cast of Icaronycteris index. Replica cast from the original fossil found near Kemmerer, Wyoming in the lower Green River Formation early Eocene; age of 40 million years. Information included. Newly improved finish. $25.00

Handcrafted Iron Bat Sculpture
Rusted weathered iron. Available wings wings closed (shown) or wings slightly open. About 10 inches from toes to ears, not including mount. $68.00

Bat With Cactus Figurine
A 4 x 6 inch hand painted figurine that is both realistic and very attractive. $15.00

Realistic Ceramic Bats
Featured at new lower prices. The most realistic hand painted figures we've seen.
Bat in Pursuit 3.5"high $14.00
Brown Bat 2.5"high $14.00
Large Bat Colony 4.25" high $14.00

Crystal Caver
Pewter caver on a piece of geode. Each slightly different in one of two general styles (order A or B) $4.00

...Signs And More
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BAT PLACE Street Sign
Green and white street sign, 4" x 24", weather resistant metal. $14.00

Bat Crossing Sign
High quality metal sign. 12" by 12" $14.00

Old Caver Play Zone Caution
High quality metal sign with vinyl letters. Manufacturer says these will last 7 years outdoors. 12 by 12 inches $20.00

Caver Car License Plate
High quality metal sign with vinyl letters. Manufacturer says these will last 7 years outdoors. 6 by 12 inches. Available in two colors: White with black letters or black with gold letters. Please specify. $20.00

Caution Day Sleepers
All weather metal sign, 12" x 12". $20.00

Caver Ave Street Sign
High quality metal sign with vinyl letters. Manufacturer says these will last 7 years outdoors. 4 by 18 inches. $20.00

Bat Flight Ave Street Sign
A Street sign perfect for cavers and bat lovers. Also High quality metal with vinyl letters as above. 4 by 18 inches. $20.00

Caver Parking Only Sign
High quality metal sign with vinyl letters. Manufacturer says these will last 7 years outdoors. 12 by 18 inches. $20.00