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A selection of our most popular jewelry in a wide range of prices and styles. Sizes shown relative to 72dpi screen resolution.

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Pins, Pendants, Charms, Beads & Bracelets
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Dichroic Glass Bats
Available as a 4.5 inch figure (shown) or a 2.25 inch pendant. Reddish brown or silver/blue in color in either style. Be sure to choose color and style on order. Figures $38.00 and pendants $28.00

Carved Tagua Bat Pendant
Hand carved in Panama from a local nut. Purchased directly from the artists cooperative. All natural, local dyes and beads. Every one is a unique work of fine art carving, signed by artist. Limited. $55.00

Bat, Moon and Pearl Pin Card
A 2.5 x 2.5" pin on a mailable greeting card. A fair trade item in tin, bronze and copper color metal with white beads. $12.00

Carved Bat Pendant
A hand carved labradorite hanging bat. Labradorite is truly a fascinatingly beautiful mineral. Labradorite can produce a colorful play of light across cleavage planes and in sliced sections called labradorescence. The usually intense colors range from the typical blues and violets through greens, yellows and oranges. Each of these pendants is slightly different. Aprox 1.25" high. $15.00

Bat Friendly Pins
Custom bat ornaments as pins. Choose Style A or B. $8.00

Boxed Pottery Jewelry
Bat flying against the night sky. Boxed pin in a gift set package featuring a poem. $16.00

Crystal Thailand Bat Necklace
Three strands in Red, Green/Purple, or Blue. $18.00 SALE $12.00

Stone Bat Charms
Each with a gold colored bail. 7/8 inch. Wide variety of stones including: Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Royal Blue Quartz. $3.00 each. Specify if you have a preference.

Wood Ojime Bat Bead
With sterling fixture. Hand Carved. $15.00

I Love Bats Rhinestone Pin
Slightly tacky but ooh, so much fun. 1.25” x 2” $16.00

Gold Plate Rhinestone Pin
Great coat pin with a 3”wingspan. $12.00

Carneillian or Jade Bat Pendants
Chinese carved stone bats on a cord with bead. Specify material. 2 inch wingspan. $13.00

Kit Carson Sterling Victorian Bat
Beautiful engraved in sterling by this famous southwestern artist. $100.00
(shown 150%)

Sterling Silver Bats on a Branch Pin
Fine detail on this popular pin. $85.00
(shown actual size)

Flying Bat Zipper Pull Or Pin Little brown bat, enamel.
(specify Pull or Pin). $10.00 each
(shown 200%)

Sets & Necklaces, Rings ( Pins, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. with the same design or theme. )
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Abalone Jewelry
Set in rhodium. (looks like silver but does not tarnish!) Available in a bracelet, pendant and earrings. All come boxed and ready to give as a gift. Pendant $15.99, Bracelet $15.99

Kit Carson Signed Art Nouveau Bat Pin
Sterling silver. 2 1/2 inches. $90.00

Kit Carson Signed Art Nouveau Bat Earrings
Sterling silver. 3/4 inch bats $37.00 or 1 1/8 inch bats $45.00

Kit Carson Signed Art Nouveau Bat Necklace.
20 inch chain. Sterling silver. 2 1/2 inch bat. $154.00

Beautiful Hand Crafted Jewelry
All in sterling silver:

Sleepy Silver Bat Pendant $30.00

Sleepy Silver Bat Earrings $54.00

Awesome Flying Bat $42.00

Multi Bat Necklace $72.00

Flying Bat Charm $22.00

Bat in Flight Earrings $42.00

Trio of Bats Necklace $72.00

----- ----- -----

Bead Art Bats
Beautiful beadwork hand made in Thailand, Wingspan 2". Earrings $16.00, Necklace on a cord, $12.00

Austin Bats Designer Jewelry
Hand crafted in sterling silver or gold. Choose from amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, smoky quartz, peridot, garnet or onyx. Choose anodized or bright sterling. Pendants have 18" chain. Also available in gold with emerald, ruby or diamond. (inquire for prices)

More Cave & Bat Jewelry

"Austin Bat"

"Bridge Bat"

"Free-tail Bat"Available as Pendant (shown)


Silver Wire Earrings. $105.00/pair

"Austin Bat"

Batty Mood Rings
Colors migrate according to "mood" (or skin temperature) of wearer. Give approximate ring size when ordering. $3.00 each

Australian Design
Fruit Bat Jewelry

Original designs conceived and manufactured in Australia. Stainless steel. Comes in designers gift boxes. Earrings are about one inch.

Pin $20.00
Earrings $32.00

Beaded Bat Earrings & Pendant
Available in silver color or copper color with amethyst bead. Specify color on order.
Earrings $8.00
Pendants $5.00

Silver Color Victorian Style Sets
Pendant with a hematite bead. $5.00
Drop earrings with a hematite bead. $10.00

Brass and Copper Color Hair Clip
A large clip ( 2.25") ornament. $10.00

Victorian Style Bat Hair Clip
1.5" clip for a child or for capturing less hair. Available in brass color, silver color or copper color. Specify on order. $8.00

Pony Tail Holder
In silver color or brass color $9.00

Off The Wall Jewelry
Silver plate jewelry in fashionable styles with great multi color glass beads decorating each piece.
Earrings $12.00
Zipper Pull $10.00
Bracelet $15.00
Ball Chain Necklace $20.00

Montage Dangle Bat Earrings
Brass with crystal bead on a stud backing. $12.00

Edward Gorey Sterling Bat Jewelry
Earrings $48.00 Pendant $46.00


Bat Friendly Hair Clips
Pick style A or B. Custom designed, brass copper and beaded in two fanciful styles. $8.00

Bat Jewelry. Each handcrafted item is packaged in handmade bamboo gift boxes.

Sue B. Sterling Bat Pendant
17 inch chain, 1 1/2 inch wingspan. $39.00

Sue B. Sterling Bat Earrings
Flying from a wingtip are 1 inch open winged bats. $32.00

Sterling Silver With Semi-Precious Stone Bat Ring or Pendant
Artistically abstract but realistic designs. Available in a variety of stones. Not all ring sizes and stones always available. Please inquire. Pendant 2 1/4 inch wingspan. Ring 1 inch nose to tail. Malicite, Onyx, Amethyst, and others generally available.
(Available By Special Order. Inquire with choice of stone and size for price.)

Small Earrings (studs and drops)
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Wooden Laser Cut Bat Earrings
Choose pairs available in four vibrant colors, including two new colors for 2012: Turquoise, Redwood, Evening Blue or Pink. Stainless steel wires. $10.00

Coconut Shell Bat Earrings
Hand made in Costa Rica. Specify Medium or Dark shade (see rollover image) $8.00

Washi Bat Earrings
Handmade from traditional Japanese paper. Lacquer finish with sterling silver wires. Each slightly different. Five basic designs to choose from. Comes boxed with design information. Rollover images for enlarged view. Order by Washi style number. $17.00

Washi Style 1Style 2

Style 3

Style 4Style 5Style 6

Trilobite Sterling Drops
Tiny, actual trilobite fossils set in sterling. $39.00

Small Bat Studs or Drops
Small bats available in sterling studs at $12.00 pair
or gold plate over sterling at $12.00 a pair
or sterling drops at $10.00 pair
(all shown 300%)

Tiny Bat Studs
Not quite our smallest but pretty darn small. In Sterling or gold (Specify which finish when ordering). $8.00
(shown 300%)

Dangle Earrings
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Wooden Laser Cut Bat Earrings
Choose pairs available in four vibrant colors, including two new colors for 2012: Turquoise, Redwood, Evening Blue or Pink. Stainless steel wires. $10.00

Wild Bryde Earrings
Bat shapes in Gold or Rhodium plate for styles below.

Bat Pearl Earrings, black pearls. $24.00 Matching Bat Pearl Necklace, (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $34.00

Bat with large onyx bead (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $21.00

Crescent moon Bat with onyx (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $20.00

North American Bat Earrings Myotis on the wing. (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $20.00

Sterling & Brass Dangles Realistic chiroptera jewelry. Dual tones. $28.00

Flying Baby Bat Earrings Detailed young in flight. (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $21.00

Bat With Flower Earrings Pollinators at work. (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $20.00

Bats With Mother of Pearl and Onyx Tiny bats fly in front of a mother of pearl disk with an onyx bead. (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $20.00

Green Crystal and Mother of Pearl Bat Earrings Plated, jeweled bats hang in front of a mother of pearl disk. (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $22.00

Hanging Fruit Bat
Dangle earrings (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $20.00

Echolacating Bat and Moth
Dangle earrings. (Choose rhodium or gold plate.) $20.00


J B Design Bat Earrings
A delicate cutout design earring with a variety of color beads above the bats. Ear wires are sterling or gold filled. Brass color only at this time. $12.00

Bat & Coin Bone Drop Earrings
Gold plate wires, colored crystal bead. $20.00
Hand Painted Porcelain Bat Drop Earrings
ne inch wingspan. $12.00

Bat Silhouette Earrings
Simple black cut out earrings with Sterling wires. $13.00

Triple Bat Silhouette Earrings
Three small bats in series on sterling wires. $17.00

Mimbres Style Earrings
Available as either Bats or Salamanders. Laser cut sterling silver. $20.00 a pair. Specify style.

Sterling Silver and Natural Stone Earrings
Each fossil is approximately 5/8" high

Chinese Onyx or Carnellian Bat Earrings
Detailed carved bats with gold ear wires and colored beads. Specify material. $30.00

Carnelian Dangles
Choose Jade or Amythyst bead on top. $30.00
(shown 200%)

Tin Dangles from Thailand
Light, fun and impressive. $7.00 pair
(shown actual size)

Buckles and Barrettes
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Brass & Copper Color 3 Bat Barrette. $10.00

Leather Bat Barrettes
Leather and stick barrettes just like the kind I used to wear in the 60s only now they are bats! Will hold a large ponytail. Choose Black, Brown or Tan. $4.00 each.

Brass Color Hair Clip
1.5" clip for a child or for capturing less hair. Also available in silver color or copper color. Specify on order. $8.00.

Pony Tail Holder
Available in brass color, silver color or copper color. Specify on order. $8.00

Brass and Copper Color Hair Clip
A large clip ( 2.25") ornament. $10.00

EZ Belt Buckles
A Victorian design, recast in gold plate at $18.00 SALE $12.00

Clutch Back Pins
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Gothic style bat on clutch back pin. $5.00

French/English Save the Caves Clutch back pin. $5.00

"Ding Bat" Pin $1.50

Pewee Pewter Bat Pins
Clutch back pin. $4.00
(shown 200%)

Pewter Bat Pendant
On a beaded cord. $3.00 each

The Bat Sticker in a Pin
The famous yellow sticker on a clutch back pin. $6.00
(shown 200%)

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