Lew Bicking: A Legendary American Cave Explorer
First hand accounts of one the early systematic U.S. cave explorers are gathered in this fascinating compilation by author David Hughes. Published by The National Speleological Society which annually gives its top exploration award in his memory. 324pp, hb. $33.00

Blue Spring Cave
Follow modern explorers on their exploration of this underground wonderland. The path is not simple or easy and required long-term perseverance to unravel. Huge passages and rooms were discovered along with rare and beautiful cave formations. Divers have recently pushed in from Blue Spring for over a mile in flooded cave passages. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and maps. By Larry Mathews and Bill Walter, 346 pp, 2010. $35.00

Visions Underground
Carlsbad Caverns Through the Artist's Eye

Traces artists and photographers who have explored Carlsbad Caverns from 1924 to contemporary. By Lois Manno, 2009, 192pp., pb. $19.99

Hydromythology and the Ancient Greek World
An Earth Science Perspective Emphasizing Karst Hydrology
The first integration of hydrology and karstology with Greek and Latin mythographic narratives spanning the millennium from Homer to Pausanias. Author Cindy Clendenon demonstrates that karstic terrains commonly found in Greece were the backdrops for many ancient myths and travelogues. Written for the educated lay reader, this book contains enough specialized information to hold the interest of speleologists and karstologists. 520 pp., trade paperback , 2009. $32.95

Vertical Bill: The Story of Bill Cuddington and the Development of Vertical Caving in America
Widely acknowledged as the “father of vertical caving,” Bill Cuddington has pioneered vertical rope techniques for more than half a century. Published by the NSS, this new book explores Bill Cuddington the person, and his life of adventures on rope and underground. Foreword by William R. Halliday, M.D. By David W. Hughes, 2007, hb, 392pp. $29.00

Kartchner Caverns: How Two Cavers Discovered and Saved One of the Wonders of the Natural World
Dramatic and inspiring story of how two young cavers Randy Tufts and Gary Tenen stumbled upon a hidden world of awe and wonder--Arizona's Kartchner Caverns. Delving deep into the discovery and the secrecy they maintained for fourteen years, Miller also relates how, through stubborn advocacy, Tufts and Tenen ultimatley preserved and helped transform Kartchner Caverns into a major public attraction. By Neil Miller, 2008, 224pp, sb. $15.95

Bartow County Caves
History Underground in North Georgia
This is a multidisciplinary study of the caves in one county in northwest Georgia, and includes the NSS-managed Kingston Saltpeter Cave about which Joel published the paleontology in 2005. The culmination of many years of study, this book includes intriguing stories published in old newspapers and descriptions of paleontological remains as well as Native American bones and artifacts Joel has discovered in the caves. $20.00

Ice Age Cave Faunas of North America
Studies of verterate cave life during the ice age. 17 contributors, 2003, 299pp. hb. $65.00

Dragon Bone Hill: Ice-age saga of Homo Erectus
Reads like fiction but well researched. By Boaz and Ciochon, 2004, 232pp, hb. $35.00

Missouri Caves in History and Legend
From the end of the ice age to the present. Author H. Dwight Weaver distills a lifetime of exploration and research in a book that takes readers underground to shed light on the historical significance of caves. 2008, 157pp, pb. $15.00

Cave Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands: Essays in Honor of Patty Jo Watson
Twenty two established scholars present new and insightful research into prehistoric and historic peoples utilized caves in the southeastern U.S, with emphasis on dark zone studies. Edited by D. Dye, 2008, 278 pp, hb. $43.00

Cave Art
A Guide to the Decorated Ice Age Caves of Europe

The first guide to all the decorated Ice Age caves in Europe that are open to the public.  Covers more than 50 caves in England, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy as well as relevant museums and centers. By P. Bahn, 2007, 278pp, pb. $25.00

The Secret of Priest's Grotto
The remarkable story of survival by Jewish families in a cave in the Ukraine. Although this is presented as a children's book, we consider it a book for everyone interested in history or human survival. Highly reccommended by the Speleobooks staff. By Peter Lane Taylor and Christos Nicola, Grade 5 up, 2007, Hb $18.95, pb $8.95

Of Caves and Shell Mounds
A classic of cave Archeology by Carstens and Watson. 1996, 209pp, pb. Now at a new low price; $10.00

The Cave Art of Tom Culverwell.
Important history of American caving as well as great illustrations. Nicely printed on heavy paper, with two of the drawings on the front and back covers. By David W. Hughes. 2006.108 pages, softbound. $18.00

Caves of Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains
The complete history of the exploration, use and commercial development of fourteen caves in the Knoxville/Great Smoky Mountains area. Includes the history of exploration and mapping by NSS members. By Larry Mathews, pb, 296 pp. $22.00

The Caves of Chattanooga
The exploration, use, and commercial development of nine Chattanooga-area caves. Never-before-published stories of fascinating discoveries deep inside Lookout Mountain. 2007, By Larry E. Matthews. $20.00

Oregon Caves; The Pioneer Exploration and the New Discoveries
The exciting story of the early exploration of this fantastic system using historic documents to help the reader understand the unusual nature of the exploration pre 1900.  Also modern exploration and detailed maps.  By Steve Knutson, pb, 2006.  $16.00

Names from the Past in Postojnska Jama (Postojna Cave).
Postojnska jama, aka Adelsburger Grotte and a dozen other names or variants, has a long history as a show cave. Speleo-historian Trevor Shaw has been a Fellow at the Karst Research Institute there since 1992. This includes a bibliography of 138 sources,  and included is a collection of thirty-two pictures of the cave, many in color. Almost all are drawings, engravings, or paintings from the nineteenth century or old photographs from the early twentieth. The book ends with an interesting collection of maps of the cave, again some in color. They range in age from 1821 to a modern map and show the use of many of the place names cataloged. By Trevor Shaw. 2006. 151 pages, pb, $25.00

Dunbar Cave; The Showplace of the South
An 8000 year history to current times. Includes use of the cave by early Native Americans, discovery by early settlers , commercial development and modern exploration by cavers. By Larry Matthews, 2005, 145pp, pb. $16.00

Cumberland Caverns
The history of Tennessee's largest cave. Includes discoveries of the early 1800s, historical anecdotes, first systematic exploration, 14 large maps. By Larry Matthews, 2005, 188pp, pb. $18.00

Big Bone Cave
The story of America's largest Underground Saltpeter mine. Includes the mining of the cave for 2500 years by American Indians, discovery ofmummies, jaguar and giant sloth skeletons and the fight by cavers to protect the cave. By Larry Matthews, 2006, 220pp, pb. $22.00

Mammoth Cave Saltpeter Works
The story of the last six years (1810-1816) of pioneer nitrate mining and business history in the world's longest cave. By Angelo George. 2005. 207pp, pb, $24.95

Prehistoric Cavers of Mammoth Cave
A summary of Pre-Columbian exploration in the world's longes cave. Written for the general public with careful attention to the archaeological evidence. A small 5 1/2 by 8 1/2, 55 page gem. 21 B&W photos. By Colleen O'Connor Olson, Cave Books Publishing. 2004. $7.00

Outer Door to the Auger Hole...and Beyond
The Exploration of Wyandotte Cave

From the 1850 discovery of miles of passage which made Wyandotte the second largest cave then known to the world with 23 1/2 charted miles through modern exploration in what has become the third oldest continuously operated commercial cave in America. 208 pp, pb. By Angelo I. George $19.95

The Saltpeter Empires
of Great Saltpetre Cave and Mammoth Cave

A history set in the age of saltpeter empires, fortunes made and intrepid pioneers which will introduce the reader to the pioneer mining operations in Mammoth Cave and Great Saltpetre Cave. 121pp, pb.By Angelo I. George $18.95

The Life And Death of Floyd Collins
Cave Books brings to print this original 1955 manuscript by Floyd's younger brother Homer Collins as told to John L. Lehrberger. As is pointed out in the introduction, maybe you can't believe everything Homer said and shouldn't treat caves the way Homer describes. A gripping cave adventure and a surprising new chapter in the legend of Floyd Collins. 2001, 206 pp. $11.00 pb, $15.00 hb.

Floyd Collins of Sand Cave; A Photographic Memorial
33 pages of pictures and text with information on the cave wars, Kentucky cave county and Floyd's life and death. By William R. Halliday, 1998, pb. $5.00

Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area
A 1998 reprint of the most important work on the subject. Edited by Patty Jo Watson, 255pp, 1974, pb. $25.00

Oliver Trickett; Doyen Of Australia's Cave Surveyors 1847-1934
A well illustrated over view of a man and his work in the Jenolan Caves. By Gregory J. Middleton, 156pp, pb, 1991, $30.00

Chauvet Cave
The Art of Earliest Times

A new book on this fascinating cave which addresses how the cave was studied, its geology and the unique art found within the cave. Oversized 11 by 14 inch table top book. 225 pp., hb., 2003. Color photos almost every page. Editorial direction by Jeanclottes. A bargain for only: $45.00

A Man Deep In Mendip; The Caving Diaries Of Harry Savory 1910-1921
A description of exploration and photography in caves in the Mendips. W/100 of Savory's fine photographs. 150pp, hb. 1989. $25.00

The Ease Gill System
BCRA speleohistory series #1. 40 years of exploration. By J. Eyre, 48pp, 1989, pb. $8.00

Discovery Of Luray Caverns, Virginia
The tale of the explorer first owner of Luray. By R. H. Gurnee,107pp, 1978, hb. $10.00

Wyandotte Cave: Down Through The Centuries
Illus., w/references. By A.George, 1991, 68pp, pb. $4.50