Karst Rock Features
Karren Scupturing
30 authors expanding on 26 pages of references are used by editors Gines, Knez, Slabe and Dreybolt to compile a considerable examination of karst related rock forms with examples from around the world. Published in English by ZRC of Slovenia this comprehensive effort has work from many of the usual suspects and dramatic locales from Tsingy, through the southern Kanin platueau in the Western Alps, monsoon karren in Australia, pinnacle karst of Mount kaijende to Sicily and beyond examined in a scientific light. Color photos, illustrations abound. 560pp., 2009. $88.00

Caves & Karst of The USA
Covers all major cave and karst areas of the United States with a chapter on neighboring countries. More than 600 color photographs. Published as the guidebook from the 2009 ICS, this is a wonderful compilation. Dense with information. A great way to be updated on many caves and cave areas and to be introduced to new ones. A perfect companion piece to "Cave Geology". 445pp, SB, Edited By Arthur N. Palmer and Margaret V. Palmer, 2009. $48.00.

Selected Field Guides to Cave and Karst Lands of the United States
An educational ensemble of detailed, authoritative field guides for cave and karst areas of the United States. Includes seven previously published, but updated, guides that were a part of KWI conferences. Five new and two other updated, previously published guides were written by associates of KWI. The guides predominately focus on the geology and hydrology of a specific region, but cultural history, biological diversity, and anthropogenic issues are also highlighted by some. Formal road or cave logs are included. 2009, 184 pages, SB. $48.00

Frontier of Karst Research
From the workshop held in May, 2008, in San Antonio, Texas. The report contains three main parts: Part 1 is the overview summary of the Opportunities & Recommendations, The Future Frontier; Part II contains seven state-of-the-art, Today’s Frontier, papers presented by breakout leaders at the workshop; and Part III consists of the seven reports, Findings and Recommendations, from the workshop focus groups. KWI # 13. Jon Martin & William B. White, eds. 118 pages, sb, 2008. $38.00

Paleokarst: A systematic and regional view
KWI Digital Reprint series #2. A scanned version of the complete book as files in pdf (tiff) format. The book contains 725 pages and 38 chapters. 2009, original book edited by Pavel Bosák, et al., 1989. $15.00

KWI Digital Reprint Series #3. A scanned version of the complete 1988 book in PDF form on CD-ROM. 2009. Edited by N.P. James and P.W. Choquette. 416 pages. $15.00

Palaeokarsts and Palaeokarstic Reservoirs
KWI Digital Reprint Series #4. A 2009 scanned version of the complete 1991 book in PDF form on CD-ROM, edited by V.P. Wright, M. Esteban, and P.L. Smart. 158 pages. $15.00

Karst Hydrology: Concepts from the Mammoth Cave Area
KWI Digital Reprint Series #5. A 2009 scanned version of the complete 1989 book in PDF form on CD-ROM, editted by W.B. White and E.L. White. 346 pages. $15.00

Karst From Recent to Reservoirs
Ira D. Sasowsky, Charles T. Feazel, John E. Mylroie, Arthur N. Palmer, Margaret V. Palmer (eds), 2008, 221pp., sb. KWI special publication #14 including keynotes, extended abstract and field trip guide from the 2008 conference in Rapid City, SD. $60.00

Hypogene Speleogenesis
Explains the origin of hypogenic caves and karst, and demonstrates it with a rich, international array of examples and data. Understanding the characteristic set of hypogenic morphological and hydrological features, and the processes that create them, is crucial for developing accurate models, and effective management plans for these karst systems. By Alexander Klimchouk, 2007, 106pp, sb. $35.00

Hydromythology and the Ancient Greek World
An Earth Science Perspective Emphasizing Karst Hydrology
The first integration of hydrology and karstology with Greek and Latin mythographic narratives spanning the millennium from Homer to Pausanias. Author Cindy Clendenon demonstrates that karstic terrains commonly found in Greece were the backdrops for many ancient myths and travelogues. Written for the educated lay reader, this book contains enough specialized information to hold the interest of speleologists and karstologists. 520 pp., trade paperback , 2009. $32.95

Palaeomagnetism and Magnetostratigraphy of Karst Sediments in Slovenia
Reports on ten years of study documenting the utility of cave sediments as a tool for reconstruction of the landscape evolution and tectonic regime in different karst regions. This research in Slovene caves contributes to improvement of techniques of sampling for high resolution in fine cave sediments with dense sampling space. Profusely illustrated, field schematics, color charts and photographs. 2008, by Hajna, Mihevc, Pruner and Bosak. 266 pp.. sb. $60.00

Speleochronos Vol. 1-10, 1989-99, CD-ROM
Journal published by CERAK. Mostly in French, 364 pages in pdf format. Karst Waters Institute reprint. $15.00

Pivka Lakes
A special issue of Carsologica with eleven articles on these intermittent karst lakes in Slovenia, where more than half of water supply comes from karst aquifers. 2005, hb. $23.00

Cave Geology
The definitive new book on the subject. Over 500 photographs and 250 diagrams and maps. Field techniques and examples are featured in this text written for anyone interested in caves and their origin.454 pp. By Art Palmer. 2007, hb. $42.95

Time In Karst
KWI Special Publication 12 - Selected papers and abstracts of the symposium held March 14 through 18, 2007, Postojna, Slovenia. Andrej Kranjc, Franci Gabrovsek, David C. Culver, and Ira D. Sasowsky (eds), 2007, 260 pages, Full color throughout, pb, $69.00

The Protection of Karst Waters
Detailed review of different methods with proposals for new methodology. By Natasa Ravbar, 2007, 254pp, pb. $38.00

Cave Notes
A newly library bound collection of these fine papers from 1959 - 1973. Three volumes with all 15 issues of this ground breaking publication are available . Proceeds help support Ozark Underground Lab. Hb, complete. $200.00

Karst Hydrogeology & Geomorphology
Originally published in 1989, Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology became the leading textbook on karst studies. This new textbook has been substantially revised and updated. The first half of the book is a systematic presentation of the dissolution kinetics, chemical equilibria and physical flow laws relating to karst environments.  The second half of the book looks at the classification system for cave systems and the influence of climate and climatic change on karst development. The book ends with chapters on karst water resource management and a look at the important issues of environmental management, By Derek C. Ford & Paul Williams. $185.00 HB, $60.00 PB.

Proceedings of the X, XI, and XII
International Symposia on Vulcanospeleology
The XII Symposium was held in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico, in 2006. This bulletin contains the abstracts and 18 papers from that symposium. Since the proceedings of the previous two symposia had never been published, the abstracts from the 2002 and 2004 symposia are also included, along with a total of 12 papers from those events. A CD is included that contains a PDF file of the bulletin, with illustrations in color where available, as well as some supplementary material submitted by a few of the authors. Edited by Ramón Espinasa and John Pint, 305 pages plus CD, softbound 2008. AMCS Bulletin 19. $15.00

Benchmark Papers in Karst Science
A selection of what the editors deem to be key papers – the benchmark contributions – of the past 50 years from both the biological sciences and the geological sciences. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication 11 - William B. White and David C. Culver (eds) 2007. 590 pages, Hb, $74.00

Karst Hydrology; with Special Reference to the Dinaric Karst
A classic of Karst liturature. 70% of the book gives a general approach to Karst. Extensive study of hydrology in karst. An accurate explanation of hydaulics of springs and ponors in karst and their relationship to groundwater levels. By Ognjen Bonacci, 1987, 184pp, hb. Limited quantities. $75.00

Archives of Climate Change in Karst
Karst Waters Institute Special Publication number 10. Proceedings of the symposium Climate Change: The Karst Record (IV) held May 26 through 29, 2006 in Baile Herculane, Romania. Many of the papers in this publication address complex problems that regard the relationship between speleothem geochemistry, macroclimate, ecosystem (vegetation and soil), karst aquifer, and intimate crystal growth. Edited by Onac, Tamas, Constantin, and Persoiu. 2006. SB, 246 pp. $64.00

Speleological and Karst Glossary of Florida and the Caribbean
Produced in an effort to improve overall understanding of the caves in the state and Caribbean region and increase the consistency in the use of commonly used terms. Useful for academic, scientific, engineering planning environmental and caving communities. 2006, 196pp, hb. By Sandra Poucher and Rick Copeland. $35.00

Processes In Ice Caves
and their Significance for Paleonenvironmental Reconstructions

This doctoral research prject approaces the issue from a thermodynamics perspective. Data from a case study of Monlesi ice cave in Switzerland emphasizes the major role of subsurface air circulations in the formation of ice caves. Consideration of Paleoclimatological contributions. By Marc Luetscher. 2006. 156pp, sb, $40.00

Processes of Speleogenesis: A Modeling Approach
Recent advances in the modeling of karst systems. A hierarchy of cave genetic situations from a single fracture to the evolution of cavernous drainage in confined and unconfined karst aquifers. By Dreybrodt, Gabrovsek & Romanov, 2005, 376pp, Includes a CD w/powerpoint, pdf and jpeg files, sb. $60.00

The Mineral With the Most Forms

A full color glossy book of photographs and descriptions about calcite in every form, including spectacular cave photos by Downey & Widmer. A newly published hidden “gem” for every cave book collection. 2003, 114 pp. Pb. $38.00

Alpine Karst 2004, Volume 1
Rebirth of a publication issued four times in the mid to late 1970's . The 2004 edition is edited by Tina Oliphant and published by Cave Books. Accounts of exploration and scietific work. Many maps included. Areas of interest include Montana, Alaska, Northern California, Colorado and more in the region. 130 pp., Color cover with may black and white photographs and illustrations. $14.00

Incomplete Solution: Weathering of Cave Walls And The Production, Transport And Deposition Of Carbonite Fines.
By Nadja Zupan Hajna in english. A caver and member of the Slovenian Geological Society whose work deals with physical speleology and karstology with emphasis on karst sediments and their mineral composition, origin and age. Another in the outstanding recent series of publications from the Karst Research Institute of Slovenia. 2003, 167 pp, sb. Over 130 illustrations including numberous color photos, maps, detailed diagrams, and charts. $25.00

Breakthroughs in Karst Geomicrobiology and Redox Geochemistry
Special Publication number 1 on CD-ROM, a reissue of the abstracts and field trip guide for the symposium held on February 16-19, 1994 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A 111 page complete digital version in PDF format which may be printed for personal or non-profit educational use. In a book style case which has the title on spine and will stand along side books on a shelf. KWI plans to reissue all publications in this form once they go out of print. Edited by Sasowsky and M. Palmer. $15.00

Climate Change: The Karst Record
Special Publication number 2 on CD-ROM, a reissue of the extended abstracts of a conference held on August 1-4, 1996 at The Department of Geology University of Bergen, Nowway. A 196 page complete digital version in PDF format which may be printed for personal or non-profit educational use. In a book style case which has the title on spine and will stand along side books on a shelf. Edited by Lauritzen. $15.00

Characteristics of Recharge-discharge Relations in Karst Aquifers
A study that is related to water supply problems and the protections of water quality. By Metka Petric, many figures, 2002, 154pp, pb. $22.00

Evolution of Karst: From Prekarst to Cessation
Includes chapters by all of the top scientist in the field. Includes geomorphology, Speleogenisis, Hydrology, paleokarst and dating methods. Ed by Frianci Gabrovsek, 2002, pb, 448pp. $28.00

Sediments in Caves
BCRA Studies #9. An outline guide to sediments found in caves and what can be learned from them. By Trevor Ford, 2001, 32pp, pb. $8.00

Hydrogeology and Biology of Post-Paleozoic Carbonate Aquifers
Extended abstracts and full papers. Almost 50 papers in 8 study areas from the March 2002 symposium. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication number 7. 212 pp., 2002, pb. $32.00

Project Underground
A Natural Resources Education Guide, Second Edition

Classroom activities about caves and related karst regions. Emphasizing biological, geological, hydrological and historical diversities and values. Edited by Carol Zokaites, 130 pp, 2000, pb. $25.00

Evolution Of Early Karst Aquifers:
From Simple Principles To Complex Models

A doctoral thesis which researches the physical and chemical background of basic karst processes and their dynamics. By Franci Gabrovsek. 155pp, pb, 2000. $20.00

Evolution of Karst Aquifers

44 authors from 15 countries summarize knowledge of origins of caves and the approaches that have been adopted to study them. Edited by Klimchouk, Palmer, Dreyboldt and Ford. 527pp, hb, 2000. $45.00

Karst Modeling
Proceedings of the symposium held February 1999, Charlottesville Virginia. Over 50 papers, ed by Arthur N. Palmer, Margaret V. Palmer and Ira D. Sasowsky, 1999, pb, 265pp, Available in PDF on CD only. $15.00

Cave Minerals of the World
Second Edition. So completely improved and revised that it is really not a second edition. Won the prize at the international congress for the most significant book written in the last four years. By Carol Hill and Paolo Forti, 463pp, hb, color photos throughout. $45.00

Karst Hydrology Atlas of West Virginia
Special publication #4 of the Karst Waters Institute. An oversized (11" x 17") publication full of photos, two color maps and charts. A must for anyone interested in West Virginia or hydrology. By William K. Jones, 111pp, 1997, Spiral bound. was $35.00 Now $26.00

Gypsum Karst Of The World
A special issue of the International Journal of Speleology. Ed. by Klimchouk, Lowe, Cooper & Sauro, 1996, 307pp, pb. $24.00

Speleology; Caves And The Environment
By George W. Moore and Nicholas Sullivan. Sure to become a standard just likethe previous edition. 1997. hb $21.95, pb 15.95

A Hydrogeologic Study Of The Knox-Skull Cave System Albany County
New York Cave Survey #4, By Donald Hesler, pb, 199O, 55pp. $6.00

Barrack Zourie Cave System; Schoharie County
Bulletin #5 New York State Cave Survey. By Kevin Dumont, fold out map, color illus, 71pp, pb, 1995. $12.00

Structural Prerequisites Of Speleogenesis In Gypsum In The Western Ukraine
by Klimchouk et al, 1995, 104pp, pb, English text. $9.00

Undara Volcano & Its Lava Tubes
Includes information on Undara and Hawaiian Lava tubes. Unusual detailed study. 96pp, many photos, 1996, pb. $25.00

A Dictionary Of Karst And Caves
BCRA Cave Studies Series #6, Compiled by D. Lowe & Tony Waltham, 41pp, New 2002 edition, pb. $8.00

An Introduction To British Limestone Karst Environments
BCRA Studies #5. Hydrology, geomorphology, and conservation of Britain' s Limestone regions. By John Gunn, 40pp, 1994, pb. $8.00

Modeling the Groundwater Catchment of the Sian Ka'an Reserve, Quintana Roo
This is a reformatted edition of the authors' joint 2006 M.Sc. thesis at the Technical University of Denmark, examining industrial and agricultural activities threatening the groundwater resource that feeds the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. By Bibi Ruth Neuman and Malene Louise Rahbek, 209 pages, softbound, 169 figures, 87 tables, 2007. $15.00