Blind Descent
The Quest To Discover The Deepest Place On The Earth

Even one of Bill Mixon's famously acerbic reviews admits of this book..."the subject is a fascinating and, yes, exciting one...and cavers will enjoy reading it." "It" being the story of two long term caving projects to "go deep" in Mexico and The Republic of Georgia. Many familiar faces from the caving community populate this account of what can be fairly described, without hyperbole, as an abundance of epic caving presented in a well organized narrative. By Tabor. 286 pp., hb., 2010. $23.00. Autographed copies are available while limited supply lasts.

Caves & Karst of The USA
Covers all major cave and karst areas of the United States with a chapter on neighboring countries. More than 600 color photographs. Published as the guidebook from the 2009 ICS, this is a wonderful compilation. Dense with information. A great way to be updated on many caves and cave areas and to be introduced to new ones. A perfect companion piece to "Cave Geology". 445pp, SB, Edited By Arthur N. Palmer and Margaret V. Palmer, 2009. $48.00

Grand, Gloomy, and Peculiar:
Stephen Bishop at Mammoth Cave

Based on a true story of Stephen Bishop, the slave who gained fame as a guide and explorer at Mammoth Cave in the 1840s and 50s. His early explorations paved the way for subsequent discoveries that led to Mammoth Cave becoming a national park a century later. Brucker carefully researched the historical elements of the story, in order to paint an accurate picture of slave life in Central Kentucky, written in the first-person, from the perspective of Stephen's wife, Charlotte. By Roger Brucker, 2009. $21.95 HB, 15.95 PB.

Visions Underground
Carlsbad Caverns Through the Artist's Eye

Traces artists and photographers who have explored Carlsbad Caverns from 1924 to contemporary. By Lois Manno, 2009, 192pp., pb. $19.99

Opening Goliath
Danger And Discover In Caving

Recounts the amazing story of Goliath’s Cave in southeastern Minnesota’s karst region.With a mix of adventure, suspense, politics, science, discovery, and wonder, Opening Goliath takes readers to a subterranean wilderness where exploration and preservation sometimes coexist—and sometimes collide. By Cary Griffith, 2009, 294pp., hb. $27.95

Selected Field Guides to Cave and Karst Lands of the United States
An educational ensemble of detailed, authoritative field guides for cave and karst areas of the United States. Includes seven previously published, but updated, guides that were a part of KWI conferences. Five new and two other updated, previously published guides were written by associates of KWI. The guides predominately focus on the geology and hydrology of a specific region, but cultural history, biological diversity, and anthropogenic issues are also highlighted by some. Formal road or cave logs are included. 2009, 184 pages, SB. $48.00

Brand new copies of this beautiful well written book have been hidden in a basement for over 20 years. By Dalton Muir and Derek Ford,1985 HB, New copies plastic wrapped. $42.00 Sale $28.00

Heaven Below Earth
A collection of photographs, with text in English, taken while descending into, discovering, or documenting dozens of cave systems throughout the world. The book includes photographs from underground as well as from above ground, taken in the last decade mostly during the author’s caving expeditions. By Zdenek Motycka, 2005, 120pp. ICS special: $38.00 Only $28.00

Caves Of Sky
A Journey In The Heart Of Glaciers

With this marvellously illustrated work, the La Venta glacial speleology exploration team shares with us the precious memory of more than 20 years of impassioned exploration of "caves of sky" all around the world. Extraordinary, evocative black and white illustrations. 2007. 156pp. $44.00

Dark Banquet
Blood And The Curious Lives Of Blood-Feeding Creatures
Travel the jungles of the world to learn about one of some of the most reviled, misunderstood, and marvelously evolved animals on our planet: vampire bats. Author Bill Schutt delves into myths and misconceptions surrounding the bats and other sanguivores using a sharp eye and mordant wit. Speleobooks star rating for all natural history lovers. 2008, 324 pp, dozens of original illustrations. Now available: A limited number of autographed copies inscribed by Schutt and artist Patricia Wynne. $25.95 Photo by Scott Altenbach

Vertical Bill: The Story of Bill Cuddington and the Development of Vertical Caving in America
Widely acknowledged as the “father of vertical caving,” Bill Cuddington has pioneered vertical rope techniques for more than half a century. Published by the NSS, this new book explores Bill Cuddington the person, and his life of adventures on rope and underground. Foreword by William R. Halliday, M.D. By David W. Hughes, 2007, hb, 392pp. $29.00

Kartchner Caverns: How Two Cavers Discovered and Saved One of the Wonders of the Natural World
Dramatic and inspiring story of how two young cavers Randy Tufts and Gary Tenen stumbled upon a hidden world of awe and wonder--Arizona's Kartchner Caverns. Delving deep into the discovery and the secrecy they maintained for fourteen years, Miller also relates how, through stubborn advocacy, Tufts and Tenen ultimatley preserved and helped transform Kartchner Caverns into a major public attraction. By Neil Miller, 2008, 224pp, sb. $15.95

The Cave Art of Tom Culverwell
For those interested in both cave art and history of American caving. Fully illustrated. By David W. Hughes, 2006. 108pp. Sb. $18.00

Fictional novel of Stephen Bishop, his exploration of Mammoth and the slave trade of the period. Not historically accurate. For young adults, By Jean Ferris, 2007, 168pp, hb, $16.00

Caves Of Sky
A Journey In The Heart Of Glaciers

With this marvellously illustrated work, the La Venta glacial speleology exploration team shares with us the precious memory of more than 20 years of impassioned exploration of "caves of sky" all around the world. Extraordinary, evocative black and white illustrations. 2007. 156pp. $44.00

Hollow Earth
The Long and Curious History of Imagining Strang Lands. Fatastical Creatures. Advanced Civilizations. and Marvelous Machines Below the Earth's Surface
This book show how over many centuries and in many cultures there has been the idea of a hollow earth. From maps of the 17th century to pop culture movies Hollow Earth shows how this idea will just not go away. By David Standish, 2006, hb, 304pp.$24.95

The Lost Cave of the Jaguar Prophets
Fiction that takes place in the Puuc hills of the Yucatan and into caves of Mexico. By Larry Simpson, 2007, pb, 198pp. $18.00

Subterranean Worlds; A Critical Anthology
Man (and cavers) have always been facinated by a hollow earth theory. This anthology explores this idea from 17th century to the present. With introduction and critical materials by Peter Fitting, Wesleyan University Press,Hb, 2004. $30.00

Wind Cave
Murder mystery, with the body buried in Oregon Wind Cave. A fictional resolution to an actual event. Paranormal occurances draw readers and characters into a deeping mystery. "She would not rest until her murderer was caught". pb, 212pp. John Eric Ellison, 2003. $19.95

True Tales of Terror in the Caves of the World
60 real stories of the darker side of the underworld by Paul Steward. 156pp, pb, $10.95

It's Only a Game
Pull up a chair, buy me a beer, and a tale to you I'll tell

A renowned author and cartoonist with a style all his own, Jim Eyre from England has now written his life story – warts and embarrassments and all. The war years and his subsequent career as a freelance painter and decorator – to say nothing of his caving exploits and involvement in the heart of the Cave Rescue Organisation, established a pattern for Jim’s life. One of those rare men who not only has accomplished much, but has the talent to tell the tales to others in a rich, humorous style. 256pp, sewn softback binding, 64 cartoons, 21 mono photos. $36.00

The Game Goes On; When a man grows old and his blood runs cold, he can tell you a tale or two
The second half of the amazing life of Jim Eyre. Includes a trip to the U.S. and Mexico. By Jim Eyre, 2007, 320pp. illustrated, pb. $48.00

Beneath the Cloud Forests
A History of Cave Exploration in Papua New Guinea
An account of adventure and exploration in one of the world’s last remaining wild places: the primordial jungles of Papua New Guinea and the strange realm of the caverns that lay hidden beneath them. Since 1965, over 30 international caving expeditions have been fielded throughout New Guinea. The story unfolds like a drama, a compelling narrative of survival both above and below ground. By Howard Beck. 2003, Speleo Projects, hardbound. English, with numerous illustrations. 352 Pages, 64 color, with 31 maps. $42.00

Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave
Collected and presented by Colleeen O'Conner Olson, 2002, 104pp. $7.95

Entering The Stone
On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark

A non caving writer tries to fathom why we cavers do what we do. Along the way, she pursues introspection on death, fear, loathing and some other more upbeat topics with a writer's stab at philosophy as inspired by past and present reaction to caving experiences. Some not-bad descriptions of caves and cavers' motivations and experiences along the way. We at Speleobooks enjoyed the journey. 170pp. By Barbara Hurd. Pb. Sale $8.00

Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent into the World’s Most Treacherous Cave
The riveting story of the exploration of the sumps of Huautla by Bill Stone & Barb am Ende with Monte Paulson. Illus, 2002, hb, 352pp. $24.00 Sale Price $15.00


Red Watson Review of the Mammoth Cave Trilogy including The Caves Beyond, The Longest Cave, and Beyond Mammoth Cave...all available from Speleobooks:

The Caves Beyond: The Story Of The Floyd Collins Crystal Cave Exploration
The official account of the 1954 NSS expedition is a classic caving adventure story. New introduction by Brucker. By J. Lawrence Jr. & R. Brucker, 318pp, 1976, pb. $16.00

The Longest Cave
1987 reprint of 1972 book. New afterword. A classic of cave exploration describing events leading to the most famous connection in speleology. Brucker & Watson. 331pp, pb.$19.00

Beyond Mammoth Cave
A Tale of Obsession in the World's Longest Cave
A ten year struggle to find big cave in Roppel. The intrigue and rivalry between CRF and The Central Kentucky Karst Coalition add spice to this great story told by James D. Borden & Roger Brucker. 2000, 416p, maps by Pat Kambesis and drawings by Linda Heslop. Photos by Art & Peg Palmer, Paul & Lee Stevens and others, many in color. pb $29.00

Trapped: The Story of Floyd Collins
The most famous cave rescue in history. An integral part of Mammoth cave history and a must own for all cavers. By Robert K. Murray & Roger W. Brucker. A revised edition with an additional 10 pages of 1999 epilogue. pb, 347pp, 1999, $22.00 Also: Original first edition, new, not pre-owned, of this collectable title. 1972, hb. with dust jacket $25.00



Where the Sun Don't Shine
The story is centered on the Butler Cave-Sinking Creek System in Virginia. The principal character named "Fred Wefer" is pursued into the cave by a group of people trying to kill him because of something he knows or something they think he knows. By past president of the NSS Fred Wefer, published posthumously. Fred L. Wefer, 2000, pb, 213pp. $10.00 SALE $5.00

The Poetry of Nature

A book of poetry featuring the caves and environment of the Bungonia region in Australia. Illustrated. Kevin Coller, 1997, 95pp, pb. $10.00

Deep Secrets: The Discovery And Exploration Of Lechuguilla Cave
A long awaited account of the famous cave by Paul Burger, Larry Fish, Pat Kambesis, and Steve Reames. Numerous photographs, including many in color, as well as many maps. 381 pp, 1999, Hb $32.95, Pb $24.95

Dark Life
Martian Nanobacteria, Rock-eating Bugs, and other Extreme Organisms of Inner Earth and Outer Space

An amazing look at the unseen in caves and elsewhere. A really good read by Michael Ray Taylor, hb, 287pp, 1999, Originally $20.00, Now only $12.00

The story of a group of woman cavers trapped in a Virginia Cave and how they survive. 173pp, 18 illus., by Marian McConnell. hb $19.95, pb $10.95

The Mammoth Incident
Terrorists trap 40 in mammoth cave. A spy thriller with a clutz of a hero. Whatever can go wrong does; but he still gets the girls. X rated, by Dr. Leisure, pb, 1995, 203pp, $4.99

The Art Of Caving
The ever popular art of Linda Heslop combined with commentary. 56pp, 1996, pb. $10.00

Cave Passages
Sure to become a classic! Ultimately readable, often controversial, Michael Ray Taylor tells about his caving trips while working for a variety of magazines. Recommended for cavers & non cavers alike. 1996, 288pp, illus, hb. was $21.00, reduced to $12.00

Lechuguilla; Jewel Of The Underground
The most beautiful cave book ever published is now out in a revised 2nd edition (First ed., 1991). By Speleo Projects, now with over 110 fine color illustrations and photos, 152pp, 1998. New chapter on biology, new maps, now hardbound with a dust jacket. $56.00

The Bat Poet
A great story about a bat who can't sleep and writes poetry. A perennial favorite. pb. $7.95, Hb, $14.95

Speleophilately: Collecting Caves on Stamps
Illustrated, by Nixon, 2002, 52pp, pb. $18.00

The Cave Explorers
Library bound copies of this classic tale. By Jim Eyre, hb, 264pp, 1981. $36.00

Curious Emily
A story of a young explorer and what she finds. First miniature cave book. By Robert Merriam, 1 5/8" by 2 3/8", 29pp, illus., 1980, pb. $2.00

The Cave With No Name
A story poem by Larry Simpson. Illus, 45pp, pb, 2001. $12.00