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Tote Bags, Packs, Sarongs, Vests, Scarves & Purses

Caps, Batdannas & Other Cloth Goods


Moonlight Bats Tie
Let your bats fly on this classy tie. 100% microfiber. $24.00

Purple Bats, Purple Bats Tie
We only want to see you laughing in your purple bats. 100% microfiber. $24.00

Thai Bat Ties
Black silk ties imported from Thailand. The ties are 2.5" wide at the widest point. Tie #1 has bats that have a 1" wingspan, Tie #2 has smaller 1/2" bats. Tie also available with smaller size red bats on black. $18.00 each

Silk Bat Tie
Each hand screened. Does the bat tie make the bat man or does the bat man make the tie? Looks great either way. Available in Navy or Light Brown. $46.00

See America Tie
Carlsbad Caverns from a 1940's travel brochure. A limited, numbered edition of 2,500, with Speleobooks about first in line with numbers under 20 for sale. (We admit it's not the next best thing to a low NSS number!).$33.00

"Save The Children" Bat Tie
We liked this tie so much when a bat researcher showed it to us that we special ordered a production run for our web site & catalog. A percentage goes to the Save The Children Fund. 100% silk. $24.00

Tote Bags, Packs, Sarongs, Vests, Fabric, Scarves & Purses

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Bat Sarong
Available again in Black or Medium Blue (new color). Classic batik on rayon. Imported from Indonesia. 44” by 66”. Specify color choice on order form. $25.00

Cavers Vision Large Cloth Tote Bag
Screen printed design on two handle 14 by 18 inch tote. $16.00

Tiny Neck Bat Bag
Big enough for a credit card and mad money. Each decorated with a festive tin bat. A Fair Trade item hand crafted in Thailand. 3 1/2 by 5 inches (slightly larger than our earlier tiny bags). Four new colors for 2008 holidays: Choose Sunshine Yellow, Spring Leaf Green, Deep Lavender or Medium Pink. $10.00

Pocket Purse
A large bat ornament adorns a 5 by 7 inch purse with two zipper pockets with a long string shoulder strap. Navy Only. $15.00

Double Sided Wufu (Many Bats) Pouch
A smaller pocket purse. $7.00

Fold Over Top Wufu Purse
Silk look . Choose Black, Navy, Green, Brown or Magenta. Give second choice. $8.00

Drawstring Purse
Satin with embroidery. Lots of colors. $12.00


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Japanese Toe Socks
Soft lightweight cotton split toe socks imported from Japan. Decorated with a stylized bats in flight design. Two colors; choose tan and a subtle pink on order. One size only (womans) $10.00

New Glowing Bats Socks
A fun design available in standard woman's size only. 70% acrylic, 25% polyester and 5% spandex. $6.00

A speleobooks exclusive, 42 % acrylic, 33% wool.  Great for caving.  Calf high. Sock size 9-11 (womans CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK), Sock size 10-13 ( mens) . $12.00

Bat and Moon Socks
Thin style black socks with gray bats. Kids sizes 5-6, 7-8. Adult 9-11, 10-13. $8.00

Animal World Bat Socks
Bootie, 4-6, 6-8 $5.00 (size 9-11 currently out of stock)

Night Flight Socks
Gray wtih night flight of bats. 75% Acrylic, 25% Stretch Nylon. Sock sizes 9-11 (standard woman) or 10-13 (standard man). $8.00 per pair.

Thin Black Dress Socks
With gray & brown bats.
  Sizes 9-11 or 10-13


Brown Bat Socks
Thick white socks. 75% Cotton, 25% Stretch Nylon. Sock size 10-13 only. $7.00 per pair

Lightweight White Sock
75% Cotton, 25% Stretch Nylon.
Infant (0-12 month, size 0-3) Toddler (9-24 month, size 3-8), Child (2-4 years, size 8-13), Youth (4-8 years, size 13, 1-5) $7.00
Adult 7-9 $7.00 pr.

Note: Sock sizes do not relate to shoe sizes! In general 7-9 fits pre-teen or very small women. 9-11 fits most women and small men's feet. 10-13 fits large women's feet and most men. 4-6 equals age 2-3. 6-8 equals up to about age 7. Ask us if you are not sure.

Caps, Batdannas & Potholders

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Speleobooks Batdannas
Perennial popular design. 100% cotton in most colors. 50% in a few solid colors. Colors include Red, Natural, Tan, Grey, Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Turqoise, Shocking Pink, Teal, Purple, Mottled Denim, Denim, Mottle Grey, Gold, Bright Yellow, Maroon, Forest Green, Kelly Green and more. Choose tie-dye green, tie-dye red or tie-dye orange, camo-sand or camo-purple, (rollover image for preview). Wash tie-dye styles separately to fix colors. $5.50 Each. New colors for 2012 now available. Write or call us for details.

"Advice from a Cave" cap $16.00
Advice From A Bat Cap $16.00
Shirt, Tote and Sweatshirt also available
Trust in your senses
Get a grip
Enjoy the nightlife
Guano happens

Embroidered Bat Wrap Cap
A black and blue cloth cap with two large flying bats and the moon wrapped around the cap bill and top. A very distinctive cap. $17.00

Large Fabric Bat Shaped Potholder
Handmade, silkscreened. 13" X 6" $14.00