Scurion® 1500 Lumen Dive Light With New Modular Battery Case

For 2012. Introducing a new premium cave dive light from Scurion®.

Scurion® Dive Model 1500 (1500 total lumen). Two batteries, charger. Features the new Scurion® battery module system. -100 Meter depth tested. Preorder discount through February. $1350.00 in Black

Dive light product details:

* Helmet lamp, light output 1500 lm max - we provide the current top model as dive version!

* Battery capacity: 4-cell li-ion module, 7.2 V, 5.2 Ah, 37 Wh

    * Depth rating: -100m

    * Lamp head: 166 g, Battery case: 290 g, Battery module 205 g

    * Material: Aluminium, black anodized

    * Color temperature: 6000K oder 3000K

    * Spot: Half angle 6.5° + room light (lambert distribution, half angle 60°)

For diving, we designed this special battery case. It is rather robust, machined from a block of aluminum. We decided not to use a quick release closing mechanism, as this might open accidentally when squeezing through narrow cracks, scratching at the rocks. The case is closed by two stainless steel screws which are tightened with an allen wrench (provided with the dive set).

Our battery module system is designed for the maximum convenience. A four cell Li-ion battery pack is housed in a robust plastic case. The contact to the battery case is made via two large, gold-plated multiple contacts. As for the internals, we are only using the maximum available capacity cells from top brands like Panasonic, Sanyo (subsidiary of Panasonic) or Samsung. These cells are top notch in terms of quality and are good for years of reliable service. The cells are protected by a supervisor electronics PCB which is installed inside the battery module.

Wookey Hole
75 Years of Cave Diving & Exploration

Tells the stories of the Wookey Hole Divers, first hand, from the 1935 expedition led by Graham Balcombe using hard-hat diving gear to the present day work by modern cave divers using innovative mixed-gas rebreathers to dive deeper and further under the Mendip Hills. profusely illustrated in colour and black & white, with many never before seen photographs. Edited by Jim Hanwell, Duncan Price and Richard Witcombe. 386pp. HB. $75.00

Cave Diving Articles and Opinions; A comprehensive guide to Cave Diving and Exploration
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Axis Mundi; A unique expedtion into the innner jungles of the Yucatan
This 52 minute DVD follows Curt Bowen and his team into the inner jungles of the Yucatan in search of cenotes. They didcover giant underwater passages, ancient relics and skeletal remains of tragedy and human sacrifice. From the award winner director of Facing Darkness; Nathalie Lasselin. $30.00

The Mill Pond Experience DVD
A taste of three popular Florida cave systems. 60 minutes, 2007, Kagan & Schott. $25.00

Facing Darkness DVD
A documentary about caves and cave diving featuring Jim Bowden, Lamar Hires, John Orlowski, Bill Rennaker and more. Follows cave divers through some of the North Florida caves. 2006, 45 minutes, English with French subtitles, by Nathalie Lasselin. $30.00

Hidden Splendors of the Yucatan
Images from the subaquatic caves of the Yucatan Peninsula near Tulum, Mexico. Author/Photographer Lalo Fiorelli participated in explorations which began in the 1980s. A lively text accompanies well-printed photos, many full page, which appear on almost every page. 9 1/2 by 11 inch format. 2004, 98pp., sb. $27.50 SALE $16.00

The Taming Of the Slough
A Comprehensive History of Peacock Springs

Sheck Exley's story of discovery and mapping of Peacock Springs Cave System. Sandra Poucher edited Exley's own incomplete manuscript, unfinished at the time of his death in 1994. Includes 16 pages of color photos. Published by the NSS CDS, 2004. 170 pp., pb. $25.00

Water’s Journey
The Hidden Rivers Of Florida

This highly enjoyable 60 minute video, led by Wes Skiles and shown on PBS across the nation, is perhaps the finest explanation of the relation of karst to groundwater as supremely illustrated in the Floridian aquifer. Sensational cave diving combined with extremely effective conservation. All this and humor, too! 2003, Karst Productions. Water's Journey Special Edition DVD Includes the full documentary plus short film features, Expedtion highlights and Florida Springs interactive Learning Site. $30.00

Diving In Darkness
Diving in Darkness is the long-awaited, global guide to diving in an overhead environment. Written by Martyn Farr with a minimum of technical jargon, this book is a significant addition to the literature on the subject, with extensive coverage of those areas which are all too often passed over in more general works. It will dispel misconceptions and myths by providing a clear, concise and modern overview of the essential equipment, skills and techniques required to dive in caves, mines, wrecks and beneath ice. With a foreword by cave diver Jill Heinerth, Diving in Darkness covers equipment, line-laying techniques, communication and air management; indeed, every aspect of the sport, with appendices on special situations in wrecks and beneath ice. Diving in Darkness contains the distillation of more than thirty years of experience gained by a master practitioner and will prove invaluable to all divers who wish to extend their horizons into this exciting arena. 2003,178pp., 170 photos/diagrams., sb. Produced by Wild Places Publishing (Chris Howes). $42.00

Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent into the World’s Most Treacherous Cave
The riveting story of the exploration of the sumps of Huautla by Bill Stone & Barb am Ende with Monte Paulson. Illus, 2002, hb, 352pp. $24.00 Sale Price $15.00

Cenotes of the Riviera Maya
A guide to sixty or so caves and their conote entrances of a spectacular and unusual area. Beautifully illustrated with photos and maps. Includes sections on access, safety and training. By Steve Gerard, 244pp, pb, 2000. $49.50

Caverns Measureless To Man
The autobiography of a man who gave everything to his life. A remarkable story of a remarkable man. By Sheck Exley, 1994, 320pp, hb $32.95, pb $21.95

NSS Cave Diving Manual;An Overview
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Basic Cave Diving
"A blueprint for survival" by Sheck Exley. Still the best basic info. 46pp, pb, fifth ed. $9.00

Cave Diving Communications
A detailed view of sound, light, hand, slate, touch, feel and line markers. by Joe Prosser & H.V.Gray. Illus, 59pp, 1990, pb. $10.00

NSS Cavern Diving Manual
Basic reference for cavern diving. By Zumrick, Prosser & Gray, 121pp, 1988, pb. $15.00

Underwater Cave Surveying
Lots of detail & illus. by John Burge, 134pp, l988, pb. $21.00

The Last Adventure
Collection of diving tales from the early days of British cave diving. Edited by Alan Thomas, 1989, 75pp, hb. $18.00