Grotte Casteret: An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography
BCRA Cave Studies Series #17. With color photos and maps. Editied by David St. Pierre, 2007, 52pp, pb. $12.00

Essential Sources in Cave Science
Guide to the literature of cave science. BCRA studies #16, edited by Graham S. Proudlove, 2006, 56pp, pb.$12.00

A Guide to Speleological Literature ON SALE AT 1/2 PRICE
More than a bibliography. Over 3800 entries with introductions by some of the most important authors in the field. Annotations on hundreds of titles. By Northup et al, 538pp, 1998, hb, $35.00 $17.50 or pb., $25.00 $12.50.

Malaysian Cave Bibliography
Bibliographical details of references, worldwide on this interesting karst area. Includes archaeology, flora, fauna, speleo and cultural history and much more. By Liz Price, 104pp, pb, 1997. $18.00.

Index of the Literature Pertaining to West Virginia Caves and Karst
WVASS Bulletin III, by Werner, 1974, 139pp, pb. $5.00

Bibliography Of Wyandotte Cave
Arranged chronologically. By A. George 1991, 74pp, $10.00

Current Titles In Speleology
A worldwide index to caving publications.
Thousands of entries; an invaluable tool for the Serious caver or researcher. SALE, While they last. 1972-1978, (a few later) $8.00 each.

UIS Speleolgical Abstracts/Bulletin Bibliographique Speleogique
Replaces CTS. We will carry each year as published. Abstracts of publications worldwide in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. An important reference for scientific or expedition research. (Many previous years also available.) Can be purchased as a book or CD ROM. Inquire for earlier issues.

Speleological Abstracts: 1999, 2000, 2001, or 2002
Book $35.00 or CD ROM $30.00

Speleological Abstracts: 2003 & 2004 in a single volume
Book $60.00, CD $50.00

Bibliography of Tennessee Speleology
Covers more than 100 years. 4th edition, by L. Mathews, 520pp, 1994, pb. $20.00

Bibliography of Tennessee Speleology:update to 4th edition.
A 73 page addition to Larry Matthews Bibliography. Published by the Tennesse Cave Survey. By Matthews, 2001, pb. $7.00

Speleogical Bibliography Of South Asia
Annotated bibliography of papers published throughout the world on speleological aspects of South Asia. By Gebauer, Mansfield, Chabert & Kusch. 1995, 226pp, pb. $38.00